Top BG influencer sold a jar of urine for $200 – 18+

Top BG influencer sold a jar of urine for $200 – 18+
Top BG influencer sold a jar of urine for $200 – 18+
  • September 14, 2022

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A few months ago we read the crazy story of a chick who sells her gas in a jar. Obviously, there are a lot of people who get turned on by this sort of thing because the woman made some serious money. Lush Botanist ended up in Emergency because she gained a lot of weight during one of her sessions, which led to serious health problems.

Well, Tattstoner told a similar story in a new interview, but her “venture” doesn’t seem any less strange and disgusting. Most of us are already familiar with the meaning of the so-called “golden shower”, but one of Steffy’s fans on OnlyFans wished the same. The difference is that she sent her urine into a jar and then he filmed the contents coming out on his face.

Steffy sold the jar for $200, but she herself describes the incident as brutal and would not repeat such a thing. For a 2 minute video, Tattstoner got $700 on OnlyFans from another fan, and the content wasn’t even scandalous.

The naughty brunette also said that she received an offer to film herself having sex with a man, but with a penis tip. The offer was for 50 grand, but Steffi claims that she refused because such a thing was humiliating for men, writes the channel Vbox7.

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