Belia: The negotiations took place within a day

The new senior coach of Beroe – Nikolay Kirov, expressed hope that his stay at the club from Stara Zagora will be successful. He said it was an honor and a great responsibility for him to lead a club with the traditions Beroe undoubtedly has.

Petar Hubchev is no longer officially Beroe’s coach

His staff left as well

“Things happened quite quickly. The negotiations took place within a day. I want to thank the management of Beroe for choosing my name. It is an honor and a great responsibility for me to lead a club with the traditions that Beroe Stara undoubtedly has Zagora. A club with a serious mass of supporters, who are the most important thing in our game, because no matter what we say, football is made for people. A club with a serious material base. Several main factors that lead to a football project to be a success I hope our stay here will be as well.

The team is clear. There are three assistant coaches – Ivan Kochev – first assistant coach, Atanas Nikolov – conditioning coach, Tihomir Todorov – goalkeeper coach.

I am not extreme in the game of football. I don’t think there are any enemies on the football field. Let’s not go to extremes. Let’s comment on the positives in the game of football.

I am familiar with Beroe’s footballers. I had the opportunity to watch all the matches since the beginning of the championship. We have commented with the management exactly where we think and there we have a consensus that better options can be achieved in one position. I won’t comment on exactly what the position is.

Beroe’s advantage lies in the experience and creativity of the team.”

Let me get acquainted in detail with the qualities of the competitors in the training process, because it is difficult to draw general conclusions just by watching the matches. I think the team is prepared in a good way. The colleagues who were before me, I am convinced, worked in the best way. There is no team that does not have its weaknesses. That will be our goal. Let’s deal with these weaknesses as quickly as possible. Of course, I want to emphasize the good sides.

We have possibly commented on a position to strengthen. Slavia is a traditional team in our championship. In recent years, he has played a leading role in this championship. How the team will approach, we will comment on it with the players in the dressing room.

I received a guarantee that financially everything in the club will be fine. We are looking for a control opponent for the championship break. Basically, one of my approaches in my work has always been to have players from the school to make their first steps into the first team. I will get to know the young players and if there are those who have the necessary skills to be involved in the official meetings, they will be given a chance.

Official: Nikolay Kirov is the new coach of Beroe

The coach will lead the team out for their first training session today at 5.30pm

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