Murray on the pages of goalkeeper “Paragraph 22”

Murray on the pages of goalkeeper “Paragraph 22”
Murray on the pages of goalkeeper “Paragraph 22”

Stanimir Stoilov must have wanted to break that proverb about the spoken word and the thrown stone, but at this stage he neither has the financial opportunity to look for a new goalkeeper, nor does anyone know what happened that Levski’s coach kept his word, which however, it is not of spell status, but rather of a wish.

Murray certainly wasn’t in his best skin during and in the days following the rematch with Hamrun, and this relegation proved to be nothing but financial damage, the dimensions of which cannot be accurately calculated and purely psychological. Levski’s coach, however, both played his cards strategically and, after the storm passed, removed the stone from his heart by explaining sincerely what he thought of Nikolay Mihailov.

The Blues goalkeeper was almost booed en masse in the stadium, as he was with Werder. But from a psychological point of view, the whining then and the grumblings now were in no small part directed at the coach. Yes, it’s good to give everyone a chance, but Nikolay is not everyone and whether he wants it or not, he will be classified as the son of Bobby Mihailov. And this fact cannot be avoided.

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Stanimir Stoilov, however, made it clear that the situation was not at all pleasant for him and did not fail to serve Nikolai a hot meal, recalling the last 5-6 years of his career, in which, according to Murray, Mikhailov was hardly a semblance of a football player, but not a football player in the professional sense of the word. The fact that it was only a year ago that Nicky began to build muscles is another way of saying it – he was a jelly mass in a goalkeeping team. In the late period of these 5-6 years, Bobby’s son had reached 127 kilograms of personal weight, according to the owner Nasko Sirakov. Here we already have two personal attacks from the highest blue bell tower. Meanwhile, Nikolay Mihailov received a new contract. And everything would have been okay and within tolerable limits, if in the distance of 90 minutes against the Maltese he had not made those mistakes that scratched the saves with PAOK and that in the first game with Hamrun, which, looked at from every angle, were excellent displays of Nikki. Then he was not Bobby’s son, but Nikolai. And after the blunders, he became Bobby’s son again.

Plamen Andreev benefited quite well from Stoilov’s brave decision, which, we cannot deny, played the role of an incentive to the goalkeepers in the school, and to all the players in Levski’s academy. While Murray is at the helm of Levski, with gloves every game the team will be brought out by a person from the school – this cannot but generally affect the small goalkeepers. At this moment, Plamen Andreev is the last product to get a chance in the first team, and the third man is Zagorov. Stoilov early on gave Andreev a track for the cup, and the two semi-finals with Ludogorets and the final with CSKA gave him the best chance. Even a little curiously, after this final Andreev received extraordinary praise for not getting hit and not having to strain. It was the same in the first half of the Super Cup with Ludogorets, but the situation took a slight turn after the three goals from Lokomotiv Sofia. And now fans and specialists are wondering – but maybe Andreev’s fragile psyche will send him into another plane and he will freeze on Sunday at the derby. The fact that he also scored ricochet goals in “Nadezhda” cannot be considered valid, because for the mass of fans, three goals are three goals. And it seems that Stoilov is on the pages of “Paragraph 22”, because if he releases Mihailov on Sunday, he will be arrested for quickly crossing out Andreev. And if Plamen is at the goal – but why does the coach want to finish him off? And on top of that, being a goalkeeper, he also wears the captain’s armband and the situation is really interesting.

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