Levski fans to Bobby: This nonsense has to end!

Levski fans to Bobby: This nonsense has to end!
Levski fans to Bobby: This nonsense has to end!

The fans of Levski from Panagyurishte came out with an open letter to the president of BFS Borislav Mihailov. In it, the blue adherents express their indignation at the refereeing and appeal to the president “to put an end to this nonsense.”

Here is the entire letter of the “IV revolutionary” fan club:

Open letter

To the President of the BFS
Mr. Borislav Mihailov

Dear Mr. Mihailov, since one year PFC “Levski” has returned to professionalism. The efforts of the sports and technical staff of the club, led by the head coach Stanimir Stoilov, to educate our players in the spirit of sportsmanship and respect for every opponent on the field meet fierce resistance in the face of the judges in Bulgaria. Another blow to our favorite team was inflicted in the last round of the Efbet League. We think that there is no need to go into detail about the refereeing of Valentin Zhelezov from the match: “Lokomotiv Sofia” – “Levski”, because such type of mistakes are far from a precedent when “Levski” participates.

We, the members of “IV revolutionary”, who are a small part of the multitude of Leftists, who in the last 2 years are doing the impossible to save their team from bankruptcy, want this nonsense with our team to stop. After the Extraordinary Congress of the BFS on 12.10.2021. , You promised a new management for Bulgarian football. At the moment, we neither see new faces who want to change anything, nor anything other than biased judging in favor of some and to the detriment of others. We appeal to you to put an end to this nonsense, because over the years it has been proven that when someone goes against Levski and his fans, things do not end well.

Sincerely, “IV revolutionary” fan club

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