A complete shock! Shakira ended up with an illegitimate son

A complete shock! Shakira ended up with an illegitimate son
A complete shock! Shakira ended up with an illegitimate son


There seems to be no end to Shakira’s troubles. After the separation from Gerard Pique, the health problems of her father and the troubles with the tax authorities in Spain, a contender for her son has now appeared. A young Colombian named Pedro claims he was born out of a relationship between the singer and Medellin actor Santiago Alarcon.

The Pedro in question claims that when he was young, Alarcon and his friends left him in an orphanage. When he was 12-13 years old, he heard the people who adopted him say that the actor was his biological father. They opened up about it while watching a series featuring Santiago.

After a while, Shakira’s supposed son went to see a play with the man he had appointed as his father. Pedro claims that in the make-up room Alarcon began to insult and push him. “I will send people to kill you!”, the actor shouted at the words of the impostor, who replied in turn: “Will you send to kill your own son, your own blood?”.

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Santiago Alarcon is adamant that in fact Pedro is a simple fraud and blackmails him for the sum of 800 million Colombian pesos, which is about 189,000 US dollars.

“He claims his mother, you wouldn’t believe it and I’m ashamed to name her. But it’s time to do it so you can see the absurdity of the story – this is Shakira. Real madness,” shared 42-year-old Santiago.

Pedro’s story really seems to be stitched together with white threads. In 1992, when he was given up for adoption, Alarcon was a 13-year-old boy and the future pop star was 15. And the actor denies ever having met Shakira. Pedro, on the other hand, had a slight setback after the revelations that he was a simple greedy extortionist and declared that he was not looking for the singer and would not do so.

“No, no, I never looked for her. I don’t know if she is my mother, the one who knows is him (b.b. – Santiago Alarcon),” said the trickster.

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