What will Levski be like in the derby?

What will Levski be like in the derby?
What will Levski be like in the derby?

Levski will face CSKA in the first derby between the two teams this season. Perhaps the match with the Reds does not come at the best time for the Blues.

After the perfect series of five consecutive victories, garnished with such dry nets, Levski lost in the last round its visit to “Nadezhda” of Lokomotiv Sofia with 2:3.

On the eve of the match, Bilal Barry suffered a knee injury, and in the opening minutes of the match, the most stable defender, Noah Sonko Sundberg, suffered an injury in his left ankle. Murray said a few days ago that he could now have an equal group of about 14 players, but with the absence of Sundberg and Barry, it is reduced again.

Levski announced that there are 397 duplicate tickets for sector “A”

Here’s what the club wrote

How will Levski look against CSKA? This question will inevitably be asked by fans this week. Stoilov has shown time and time again that he can get out of difficult situations and supporters will be hoping that Murray will once again wave the magic wand and build a winning tactic against the Reds.

For the moment, it seems that the coach of the Blues will not have much choice and will bet on a scheme with four defenders, but an option with three is not excluded, as was played the entire match against Lokomotiv Sofia. But let’s dwell on the first option as more likely. Galchev, Kelian van der Kaap, Jose Cordoba and Tsunami are expected to be in defense. Right-back Jeremy Petris will also be available, but he has lost his game rhythm.

In the midfield, Murray will probably rely on Filip Krastev and Georgi Milanov, with the latter acting in this area at the expense of Andrian Kraev. Ivelin Popov can play the role of playmaker. The former captain of the national team started as a starter in the last two games and shows that he is gradually getting into shape, and his experience will be of great benefit to Levski in such a match. Popeto dreams of playing in the derby, and why not score his debut goal against CSKA? At the top of the attack, Stoilov has little choice and Iliyan Stefanov is expected to once again play the role of central striker. The newly hatched international Marin Petkov can also act in this position, but the 18-year-old talent will in all probability be used in the role of a joker from the reserve bench. In recent weeks, Murray has had a problem with his two wing players, Welton and Ronaldo, who accumulated fatigue and remained on the bench against Lokomotiv Sofia. The Brazilians were involved against the capital railwaymen, but the good impressions they showed from the beginning of the season were left behind in time. Now the goal of the sports and technical staff and one of the assistants – Dimitar Telkiyski, is to prepare Welton and Ronaldo as well as possible for the upcoming derby, so that the blues can use one of their main weapons – attacks on the flanks.

We purposely left the goalkeeper post last. In the last matches, the players under the frame became the heavy topic of “Gerena”. Until the end, Stoilov will consider who to bet on between Plamen Andreev and Nikolay Mihailov. Whether of youth and aggression, or of calmness and experience. Both of them made mistakes during the season, but Levski’s captain’s armband obliges against CSKA to come out the most prepared.

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