This is how much money Levski will earn from the Eternal Derby

This is how much money Levski will earn from the Eternal Derby
This is how much money Levski will earn from the Eternal Derby

Levski will report a good income from the derby with CSKA. The clash against the Reds is on Sunday 18th September at 16:45 at the National Stadium. The sale of coupons is going quite well at this stage, writes “Tema sport”.

Yesterday, the passes for sector A ended. There will be the fans of the blues, who will also be in sector B. In sectors C and D, there will be supporters of CSKA. Tickets for the grandstands behind the doors are sold for BGN 10 each, and those behind the central ones – 2 times more expensive.

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There were also a few pieces for the lodges, which cost 45 BGN each. B Sector A will have 6,551 maximum Blues supporters – that’s the capacity. Many of the occupied seats will be from fans who own season tickets (b. a. – on September 8, the club announced that they had sold 5,537 season tickets for sectors A, B and B of “Gerena”).

With an attendance of about 25,000 spectators on Sunday, “Gerena” will have an approximate income of 300 grand. However, they will also have expenses for the hiring of “Vasil Levski”, as well as the security of Match #1, which is guarded by an impressive number of policemen.

Around hosting PAOK in the first qualifying round of the Conference League, the Blues recorded a record revenue of BGN 549,167.

Since the beginning of the season, Levski played 6 home games – 4 in the First League and 2 in the European tournaments. Before the start of the official matches, “Gerena” had officially announced that since the start of the “Levski is eternal” campaign in February, the club’s income from tickets was exactly BGN 1,052,710.83.

In the last report of September 8, the figure swelled to BGN 1,995,676.14. That is, the income from this pen for the 2022/23 season, without including the sale of tickets for CSKA, is BGN 945,963.31.

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