Bulgaria – Gibraltar 5:1, Marin Petkov also scores

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Joseph Cipollina leaves the field to appear Ethan Brito.


Martin Minchev appears in a game at the expense of Radoslav Kirilov.

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GOOOL FOR BULGARIA! 5:1! MARIN PETKOV! The hunger for goals in the ranks of the Bulgarian team was insatiable. All this smoothly brought the events to 5:1 in our favor. Another debutant, Marin Petkov, also remembered the Razgrad evening well, scoring after a perfect assist from Radoslav Kirilov. Levski’s striker distinguished himself with a dagger shot diagonally.

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The tempo of the game dropped significantly, with both teams just waiting for Pavel Orel’s final whistle.

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Pozzo will replace Walker for another Gibraltar shift.

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Exchanges in Bulgaria as well. Yanis Karabelov comes into play instead Ilia Gruev.

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Debut for Bulgaria on Nikola Ilievwhich comes into play instead Iliyan Stefanov.

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Reece Stitch comes into play at the expense of the 40-year-old Lee Caschiaro.

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Joseph Sergeant will try to stabilize the Gibraltar defence.

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Triple change in the line-up of Gibraltar. The first of the casts is Annesley for Jolie.

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Kiril Despodov ends his participation in the match, and he will be replaced by the debutant George Rusev.

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Ivan Turitsov will be saved by Mladen Krstaic, and will play in his place Ioan Stoyanov.

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GOAL FOR BULGARIA! 4:1! ILIAN STEFANOV! Literally, in the next action, the lead of the “tricolors” already swelled to three hits! Levski’s midfielder Iliyan Stefanov had the honor of making it 4:1. Nani was powered in by a perfect cross with an outside volley from Kiril Despodov. His header was saved by Collin, but there was no forgiveness for the added-on.

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GOAL FOR BULGARIA! 3:1! Kirilov! The logical thing happened and it was 3:1 in favor of Bulgaria in the 51st minute. Surprisingly, Petko Hristov entered the role of a winger and entered near the opponent’s right post with great gusto. The player from Spezia passed the ball around the penalty area, where after a short melee with an atrocious goal kick, Radoslav Kirilov stood out.

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DESPODOV! The Bulgarian team started the second half at high speed. Iliyan Stefanov and Despodov played quickly through the center, then our #11 showed individual class and headed into the far corner for the Gibraltarians. Unfortunately, the ball hit a football player of the guests and went into the corner.

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DESPODOV! Kiril Despodov could have doubled Bulgaria’s lead a minute before the break. Our star took a clever free-kick, but goalkeeper Colling stretched himself as far as possible to clear the ball towards his left corner.

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Filip Krastev was unhappy with the Czech referee Pavel Orel, who, according to him, confused his judgement, awarding his foul in attack instead of a direct free kick for the “tricolors”.

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GOAL FOR BULGARIA! 2:1! DESPODOV! To the joy of all of us, the Bulgarian national team quickly found a way to the second goal in Razgrad. Another attack from the right this time led to the escape of Iliyan Stefanov. Falling down, Nani managed to divert to our uncovered captain Kiril Despodov, who from ten meters fired an unsalvageable shot into the visitors’ net.

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Filip Krastev had a good opportunity to restore the Bulgarian leadership in the 30th minute. Fufu hit a mid-range shot that made Koling as hard as possible due to the ricochet, but it still didn’t stop him from making a good save.

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GOAL FOR GIBRALTAR! 1:1! CHIPOLINA! The opening goal clearly calmed the “tricolors”, who almost immediately conceded the equalizer. Literally in the attack after the execution of the center, only the good intervention of Petko Hristov did not allow an enemy attacker to sign in the empty goal. However, there was no forgiveness for the following corner, after which captain Roy Cipolina headed powerfully into our net.

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GOAL FOR BULGARIA! 1:0! VALENTIN ANTOV! The Tricolors took the lead in the 22nd minute. Filip Krastev took a corner kick, where Valentin Antov broke free from his personal keeper and headed Koling to make it 1:0.

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Another good pass found itself in front of Stefanov in the ensuing attack when Radi Kirilov’s blocked shot reached our #22, but this shot too missed the outline of the Gibraltar goal.

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Stefanov! Mladen Krastaic’s Bulgaria reminded that they are still favorites in this international clash after Iliyan Stefanov could have opened the scoring in the 18th minute. The Levski midfielder got away from away captain Cipolina but his subsequent header was saved by Dale Colling.

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The debutant Iliya Gruev decided to try something unusual in the 12th minute when he sent a lead pass from deep for Radoslav Kirilov. However, the goalkeeper of Gibraltar “read” the situation and left the boundaries of his penalty area to clear.

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After too casual opening minutes, Bulgaria created the first chance in front of the outsider’s goal in the 10th minute. The ball returned by Krastev in the Gibraltar box was volleyed by Radoslav Kirilov, but the ball went very high over the crossbar.

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The start of the fight did not go the way many expected. The visitors from Gibraltar settled for a while in the penalty area of ​​the “lions”, but the balls thrown after the touch did not lead to pressure in front of Daniel Naumov.

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