Legendary coach Nick Bollettieri has passed away – TennisKafe

Legendary coach Nick Bollettieri has passed away – TennisKafe
Legendary coach Nick Bollettieri has passed away – TennisKafe

One of the most famous coaches in the history of tennis, Nick Bollettieri, has died at the age of 91. The cause of his death was a kidney infection. Yesterday, his daughter Angelique Ann Bollettieri posted a status on Twitter revealing that her father was on his deathbed. “My father is about to pass away from this world. Please pray for him. We love you, Dad.”

During his long coaching career, Bollettieri has mentored some of the biggest stars in modern tennis such as Andre Agassi, Monica Seles, Jim Currier, Serena and Venus Williams, as well as Maria Sharapova.

Relatives of Bollettieri reveal that in recent years he often had health problems. Former #5 Jimmy Arias says that in 2020, Bollettieri fell on the court during practice but flatly refused to seek medical attention. “He called me last night, we talked for a while and it sounded good. However, he is among the people who never go to the doctor. He just refuses as he is afraid of needles. But now he feels better,” the 1983 US Open semi-finalist told CNN at the time.

Bollettieri was born in Pelham, New York, on July 31, 1931. He played tennis in high school but did not have the opportunity to pursue a professional career. However, this did not stop him from dedicating himself to his favorite sport and in 1967 he became the tennis director at the Dorado Beach Hotel in Puerto Rico. In 1977 he moved to Florida, where he worked as an instructor at Colony Beach and Tennis Resort, and a year later founded the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. It developed very successfully and in 1987 was sold to IMG, but even after the transfer of ownership Bollettieri remained part of the management.

Bollettieri has appeared in several documentaries dedicated to tennis. The latest of these is Love Means Zero, which aired at the Toronto Film Festival on September 9, 2017.

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