who is Stephanie Razsolkov from Survivor

Stephanie Razsolkov, known on the Internet as Tattstoner, is one of the popular faces in the new season of Survivor. She’s young, cute, pretty toned and… maybe a porn star? Presented as an influencer, Stephanie is actually a star on the OnlyFans platform, where various photo and video material, often with porn or erotic subjects, are provided for a fee. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the above information.

Stephanie was part of the Internet reality show “The House of Influencers”, but now she will appear on national air. Who is she? Let’s find out now.

What does Tattstoner mean?

Stephanie’s nickname is a combination of two words – “tatts”, which is short for “Tattoos” and “stoner”, which is a slang word for a person who smokes marijuana.

Is Stephanie Razsolkov an influencer?

Definitely yes. In addition to the paid OnlyFans profile, which Stephanie successfully develops, she maintains an Instagram and Twitter account, as well as a YouTube channel. If it seems to you that there are few posts on her social network profiles, keep in mind that she is regularly blocked and her profiles are deleted. The reason, of course, is the provocative photos that the young girl publishes.

Bojana Katsarova, who won the third season of the culinary competition Masterchef, and will now become part of Survivor, hastened to “calm down…

What’s the deal with Stephanie going on Survivor?

The problem with Stephanie’s inclusion in the reality format is, for the most part, her online presence. Yes, her erotic pictures are practically locked unless you pay to have access. But everything else she shows or says is, in most cases, on the verge of scandal. Here’s an example of one of her pitches on an influencer platform that offers paid celebrity “hiring” for special occasions or just like that. The following is the text of Stephanie’s profile on the site in question. The appeal is an amalgam of scandal and charity.

“Hey p*ch**e and p**ki, here you can order a very loud greeting for your aver, for you, for Hanukkah, Easter

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