9 Interior Designs to Avoid in 2023

Architect and designer Olga Bondarenko listed the outdated trends in interior design for 2023 and shared the options for replacing them.

1. Loft style

Loft style, partitions, spotlights – all this will be irrelevant in the short term. Pure adherence to a certain style is also not welcome. If you like concrete on walls and path lighting, mix with the most inconspicuous hidden system. This will make the interior smart enough.

2. Black sanitation

An outdated trend that has shown its impracticality in the long run. White spots of water upset the owners of the sanitary in question. In addition, there are difficulties in cleaning it. Prefer white ceramic and polished metal.

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3. Rejection of the “smart home”

Turning on and off the light, pulling the curtains with your hands – leave it in the past, technology has taken a step forward for our convenience and comfort. Connect to the “smart home”, control from your phone or simply by voice.

4. Wooden slats

All designers realized their fantasies at a time when they were at the peak of popularity. Now there is oversaturation, we have to turn to new trends.

5. Box wardrobes

If the distance to furniture, paths allows, then these structures should be removed. Rattling, spoiling, derailment – enough reasons to give up.

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6. Shiny gold

Shiny gold, and also with dark colors – bad taste and upbringing. Do not overload the house with such heavy combinations, you will quickly tire of them.

7. Standard opening height

You should forget about the two meters, replace them with an individual design. This height will reduce the ceiling and the doors will look low.

8. Floral tiles and patterns, stripes and borders

We strive for naturalness or its exact imitation. Give preference to stone in the design of the bathroom and bathroom.

9. Point lighting

We need to abandon the standard location around the perimeter of the room or replace the lighting fixtures with other devices.

Be creative before you start creating your space, research past trends and then it will be easier to rethink the new.

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