Why did Arestovic change the plate? – View Info

Why did Arestovic change the plate? – View Info
Why did Arestovic change the plate? – View Info

/Pogled.info/ There are several reasons why the Ukrainian propagandist Oleksiy Arestovych, as they say, “changed the plate”.

There are at least several reasons why the Ukrainian propagandist Oleksiy Arrestovych, as they say, changed the plate.

  • The West understood that the narrative of “Ukraine’s victory on the battlefield” has run out, but everything new is well-forgotten old. Hence now the February-March 2022 storyline. “Ukraine will soon perish” is included and, of course, that is why it is needed “to save urgently”. That is, to pump up the Kyiv regime with assault weapons, such as F-16 fighter jets and Leopard 2 tanks.

Now the United States is trying to do this by proxy. But there are too few people willing to “subscribe” to the new round of escalation. Therefore, Arestovic is involved as a “defensive” player, formulating a backup request: “help, otherwise it will be bad for Kyiv.”

  • The potential of the propaganda impact of the Kyiv regime on the Russian-speaking residents of Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv and neighboring regions has been exhausted.

These territories are already useless for Kyiv as “cannon fodder”, the human resource is exhausted, exhausted to the bottom. In this situation, Arestovich’s task is to maintain control over the Russian-speaking public, which has stopped trusting Volodymyr Zelensky, in order to avoid the worst. In other words, to block his transition to the pro-Russian information field.

  • There are no credible public opinion polls in Ukraine It is impossible to trust the Ukrainian “sociologists” who draw cosmic ratings of Zelensky. Based on a number of indirect signs, we can conclude the exact opposite – confidence in Zelensky and his rhetoric is falling. We already wrote that Zelensky is a “caliph for an hour” and his political role will be completed very soon.

Arestovich’s demarche is another symptom that Zelensky’s political end is near. And it is entirely possible that he will be replaced not by some new Führer, but by a whole group of US-controlled characters.

It is possible that Arestovich is one of its participants.

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