Scored from a foul and gave Taliska a goal (VIDEO)

Scored from a foul and gave Taliska a goal (VIDEO)
Scored from a foul and gave Taliska a goal (VIDEO)

Al Nasser returned to winning ways in very dramatic fashion. The team trailed 0-1 until the 79th minute, but nevertheless made a complete turnaround and won 2-1. Through the success, the team collected 49 points and moved within 1 of the leaders Al Ittihad.

He was largely responsible for the success Cristiano Ronaldo. The captain scored from a direct free kick in the 79th minute, scoring from around 30 meters. After that, Al Nasser got the right to take a penalty, but it was Talisca behind the ball, not the Portuguese. However, the Brazilian also did not make a mistake and increased his lead at the top of the championship scorers.

You can see the development of the match and everything most interesting in the commentary for the match. There you will also find videos of the hits. There is a break for the matches of the national teams.


The visitors scored after less than 10 minutes of play. A direct free kick, after which Nawaf did not intervene very well and allowed the ball to hit an opposing player. From a tight angle, he sent it onto the post, then it ricocheted off an Al Nasser defender and into the net.

However, the goal was disallowed as there was an ambush on the player who shot forward during the execution of the free kick.

In the 18th minute, Ronaldo had the first better chance. He was brought down by a team-mate, but just before he was about to take a shot into the penalty area, he was stopped by a perfectly executed split by an opposing player.

26′ – 0:1! Al Nasser was shocked shortly after the part was halved. Adam Fattah received in the box, held well and fired very powerfully and powerfully into the near corner, shooting the keeper in the air.

In the 37th minute, Taliska took a quick free kick and combined with Gharib. He was afraid to shoot from mid-range, and after a slight ricochet the ball went very close to the side post. Nothing more dangerous happened after the corner.

The half ended with Ronaldo’s goal attempt, but it ended up in the goalkeeper’s hands.


Seconds after the start of the second half, Taliska tried to score with a scissor kick. His shot was well placed but the ball went just wide of the side post.

In the 53rd minute, Gharib found himself in a perfect position in the penalty area, but Epassi made a masterful save.

In the 61st minute, a cross was directed at Ronaldo in the penalty area. There were two in front of him, but he showed an impressive rebound. However, the Portuguese was unable to get a shot on goal.

In the 62nd minute, Taliska was brought out alone against the opposing guard. He shot from close range but his shot was saved. The ball was reached by Gharib, who tried to return it to the goal line, but a defender cleared the corner kick. After its execution, nothing more dangerous came to pass.

In the following minutes, the visitors constantly slowed down the game as one of their players found himself on the pitch. In most cases, the deliberate slowing down of time was also caused by Abha’s physical condition.

78′ – 1:1! Cristiano Ronaldo restored parity after firing a powerful free-kick that cracked the wall. The shot had too much power and the goalkeeper was unable to save.

In the 80th minute, Sudani received a second yellow card and was sent off.

85′ – 2:1! Al Nasser was awarded a penalty for handball in the box. Talisca took charge of the performance and made no mistake to complete the complete turnaround.


After Cristiano Ronaldo’s blistering run of games with Al Nasser, where he scored seven goals and provided two assists in three games, there has now been a drought the likes of which he has not seen with his new team. The Portuguese forward has not scored in three consecutive games with the team.

Abha is on a nightmare streak. The team is on a streak of a total of six consecutive official matches in all tournaments in which they cannot win. What’s more – out of these six matches, five have been lost and only one has ended in a draw.

However, Al Nasser has no right to be underestimated. The team is one point behind new leaders Al Ittihad, who won the direct derby for the top in the last round. Abha is in 12th position with 23 points – exactly twice less than today’s opponent.

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