Andrea with a confession about Stoyanka Mutafova

Andrea with a confession about Stoyanka Mutafova
Andrea with a confession about Stoyanka Mutafova

Andrea revealed that she experienced the death of Stoyanka Mutafova very hard.

“I was in a gym when I found out that she died. I shut up and cried. I called Kubrat and he said to me: ‘You are very sensitive!’ And I told him: ‘I’m sorry, man,'” he described to the popular TikTok Gloria Yordanova her reaction to the death of the great actress and performer.

Andrea and Stoyanka meet on the set of the cult TV series “Stolichani v mech”. Lubo Neikov, who is his producer, personally invited the singer to become part of the acting team.

“Lyubo Neikov invited me to “Capitalists in More” and gave me more lines than in “Mission London”. What did he do? He trampled me in front of the whole team, in front of all the big actors, I, who have no experience as an actor, handed me the lines and said: “You must marry these, these and these”.

And they put Stoyanka Mutafova in front of me. Stoyanka Mutafova! And I sit like that and give her cues, me to her, who am I, who is Stoyanka! I’ve never been able to give a line to such a great actor before,” the Cobra ex-husband rewinds the tape.

However, the singer manages six. Neikov is very impressed and Andrea receives the following advice from him: “Andrea, you have talent, it’s obvious, take a course and try it! I think you’ll succeed. You have it in you!”, the singer said. “I have a long way to go until I achieve what Stoyanka Mutafova has achieved. And she, like me, is an Aquarius. She was a man’s girl,” summed up Andrea.

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