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Ludogorets broke Heber and pressed CSKA – BG Football – efbet Liga

Ludogorets beat Heber 3:1 in a match of the 24th round of the efbet League. Already in the 7th minute, the Eagles scored, but Igor Thiago’s goal was canceled due to an ambush. In the 22nd minute, Spas Delev scored and this time brought the people of Razgrad forward. Arsenio Valport restored parity at the end of the first half.

In the 70th minute, Spas Delev gave Ludogorets the lead again. Deep into the added time of the match, Igor Thiago also scored and shaped the final result. Thus, the champions came only one point closer to CSKA before the Reds’ match with Spartak Varna.

Even before the end of the first minute of the match, Igor Thiago entered Heber’s penalty area, but his attempt to cross was blocked. A corner kick followed, where Spas Delev even shot, but Zvonimir Mikulić made a good save. In the 4th minute, Denny Gruper broke through from the left and won a lot of space. He passed into Heber’s penalty area, but there a defender of the hosts reached the ball first and cleared.

Two minutes later, Kiril Despodov also tried a shot that flew over the goal. An ambush signal was immediately sounded. In the 7th minute, Denny Gruper took the ball in the center of the field and looked for Kiril Despodov, who passed to Igor Tiago, who shot past Heber’s guard and opened the scoring. However, the goal was canceled due to an ambush after a long check with the VAR.

In the 11th minute, Igor Thiago again got a chance to shoot, but his attempt was blocked. Despodov tried to get to the ball and also take a shot, but was overtaken. A minute later, the “Eagles” threatened the hosts’ guard again with a dangerous cross from the left.

Five minutes later, Todor Nedelev was brought on from the left and crossed, but he did so rather disappointingly. In the 18th minute, Spas Delev shot on the volley after a good combination with Igor Tiago. However, his shot was not accurate.

Ludogorets continued to dominate. In the 21st minute, Kiril Despodov received a great aerial pass from Pedro Naresi. Despodov tried to pass Mikulic, and the ball was cleared from the goal line. This was followed by a shot by Piotrovski, which was blocked.

A minute later, the first hit was a fact. Kiril Despodov found Jakub Piotrovski in Heber’s penalty area. The Pole continued with a five-pointer to Spas Delev, who made no mistake and sent the ball into Mikulić’s net for 1:0. And this situation was reviewed by the VAR for an ambush, but there was no such situation.

In the 29th minute, Vincent Marcel tried to trouble Sergio Padt with a shot from a great distance, but his shot went wide of the goal.

Three minutes later, Igor Thiago received Piotrowski with his back to the hosts’ goal, but managed to turn and fire a shot into the ground with his right foot. However, it fell right into Mikulić’s hands. In the 37th minute, Kiril Despodov got to a knocked-out ball in Heber’s penalty area after Piotrovski’s cross from the right. Despodov shot, and the ball hit the right side post and went out. A minute later, he tried an acrobatic scissor kick that missed the target.

In the 40th minute, Robert Mazan tried to cross sharply after receiving the ball from the left. However, his submission was blocked. However, moments later the home team managed to send a ball into the Eagles’ penalty area, but in no way threatened Sergio Padt.

Two minutes later, Todor Nedelev gained space with a ball at his feet, then set it on his left foot and attempted a shot that flew wide of the goal.

Shortly before the regular time of the first half, Arsenio Valport was brought on alone against Sergio Padt. Heber’s football player managed to outrun Olivier Verdon, after which he sent the ball into the Eagles’ net. The goal was reviewed by VAR for possible offside, but ultimately it was allowed.

Four minutes after the start of the second half, Igor Thiago tried a shot after a good individual raid. However, his shot went wide of the goal. In the 51st minute, Kiril Despodov received from the right and tried to find his teammate around the penalty spot, but a Heber player reached his pass and cleared it.

In the 58th minute, Todor Nedelev brought on Denny Gruper, who shot directly. Mikulic managed and scored, and then the signal for an ambush sounded. A minute later, Toshko Nedelev tried a direct shot from a direct free kick, which, however, went wide of the home team’s goal.

Five minutes later, Kiril Despodov found Igor Thiago on a corner kick, but Thiago’s header was not accurate. Verdon then got to the ball just off the byline and tried to return it to Heber’s penalty area, but failed.

In the 70th minute, Spas Delev gave Ludogorets the lead again. The striker got to a cross in Heber’s penalty area and headed home. He did not leave any chance for Zvonimir Mikulic to intervene – 2:1.

In the 75th minute, Thiago passed to substitute Nonato, who shot from the edge of the penalty area, but missed. After the Eagles’ second goal, the pace definitely dropped.

Heber took advantage of an errant pass in the center of the pitch and counter-attacked in the 86th minute. The home side’s offensive action ended with a high pass on the edge of the penalty area where Padt came out and did a poor job trying to clear with his foot. However, the ball did not reach a Heber player to shoot. Shortly after, Robert Mazan’s shot was blocked.

Mikulic had to intervene again in the 88th minute when Igor Tiago shot just wide. The home guard managed it without any problems.

In the 93rd minute of the match, Gustavo Nonato was brought out alone against Heber’s guard. He got into a good shooting position and managed to overcome Mikulic, sending the ball into his net for 3:1. However, the hit was canceled due to an ambush.

A minute later, Igor Thiago found himself alone in front of Heber’s empty goal. Mikulic had entered the penalty area of ​​Ludogorets for a static situation. However, the ball hit the forward of the “eagles”, who sent it into the net for 3:1.


0:1 Spas Delev 22′

1:1 Arsenio Valport 45′

2:1 Spas Delev 70′

3:1 Igor Thiago 90+4

The composition of the two teams:

Heber: 22. Zvonimir Mikulic, 99. Arkhan Isuf, 28. Osira Cornell, 27. Robert Mazan, 44. Nikolay Nikolaev, 8. Alejandro Garcia, 33. Stefan Tsonkov, 55. Georgi Valchev, 97. Vincent Marcel, 17. Arsenio Valport, 11. Loren Maruzin

Reservations: 1. Petar Deberliev, 19. Musa Sila, 7. Stoyan Stoichkov, 84. Stiliyan Tisovski, 10. Mark-Emilio Papazov, 98. Georgi Turtov, 39. Ante Zivkovich, 26. Filip Parutev, 30. Atanas Kilov

Head coach: Vladimir Manchev

Ludogorets: 1. Sergio Padt, 2. Pippa, 22. Franco Russo, 24. Olivier Verdon, 14. Denis Gruper, 6. Jakub Piotrowski, 30. Pedro Naresi, 88. Todor Nedelev, 11. Kiril Despodov, 9. Igor Thiago, 90 Spas Delev

Reservations: 12. Simon Sluga, 5. Georgi Terziev, 7. Rai Nascimento, 8. Claude Gonsalves, 3. Anton Nedyalkov, 20. Nonato, 23. Manuel Shaw, 32. Igor Plastun, 77. Caio Vidal

Head coach: Ivaylo Petev

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