The largest logistics company in China has stopped deliveries to Russia

The largest logistics company in China has stopped deliveries to Russia
The largest logistics company in China has stopped deliveries to Russia

As soon as Chinese President Xi Jinping left Moscow, China’s largest logistics company refused to send goods to Russia.

OOCL Logistics, which operates a fleet of 70 container ships, including two icebreakers, has stopped shipping pre-paid dresses, skirts, pants, shoes and other clothing to Vladivostok from its warehouses in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Sanctions are cited as the reason for the refusal, Baza reports, citing a source working with supplies at one of the Russian importers.

OOCL representatives explained that they will not accept goods from the Russian company’s suppliers, nor do they intend to load them into containers and transfer them to a third-party carrier.

OOCL Logistics is owned by Orient Overseas, one of the world’s largest container logistics companies headquartered in Hong Kong.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Western countries have stepped up pressure on countries that have not joined the sanctions against Russia.

“It is not news that the countries of the collective West, led by the United States, exert open, brutal pressure on a number of countries that do not join the illegal restrictions that have been imposed on our country. These countries themselves tell us about it. Unfortunately, they have to face such an attack,” Peskov told reporters, quoted by Interfax.

Two countries previously restricted supplies to Russia. First, Turkey, which has increased exports to Russia by 1.6 times over the past year, has refused to send sanctioned goods. The government handed over to local companies a list of products prohibited for delivery in Russia.

Russian business decided to urgently redirect the flow of parallel imports to Kazakhstan. Companies from the Russian Federation literally “flooded” Kazakh counterparties with proposals for joint work, writes Reuters.

However, a day ago, the Kazakh authorities decided to significantly limit the possibility for Russian companies to circumvent the sanctions. As of April 1, the government is launching an online tracking system for goods brought into the country for subsequent re-export, the Financial Times reported.

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