Atanasov said who is working against the creation of a cabinet

Atanasov said who is working against the creation of a cabinet
Atanasov said who is working against the creation of a cabinet

According to the leader of the DSB and co-chairman of “Democratic Bulgaria”, Atanas Atanasov, there is fierce resistance from various circles in Bulgaria against the creation of a regular government, in which their coalition with “We continue the change” participates.

“The rest of the political forces are very sorry that they did not come to an agreement after the first mandate. With my ears I heard certain lines, like: “If you had given five votes”. This means, in a certain sense, that we are on the right track”, the deputy believes.

In an interview with Nova TV, Atanasov emphasized that the scandal surrounding the recordings allegedly made of PP-DB politicians does not surprise him. “I haven’t heard those 4 minutes and I don’t want to. Radostin Vassilev is a person whose ambitions are probably not satisfied. He is a tool of those who resist against the creation of a cabinet”, is his opinion.

The MP emphasized that there are now interacting circles that do not tolerate each other and gave an example: “Circles connected to the Presidency, who enjoy their official power because they can steal with impunity and without control. On the other hand – circles close to the former rulers from GERB, who resist against the democratic forces taking power and ending their schemes through which they steal. These environments do not tolerate each other, but now they work together.”

“Being nationally responsible, statesmanlike, wanting to meet public expectations for a regular government. Because 80% of those polled say they want a government. Half of them, when you ask them with whom to do it, say: “By no means Boyko Borisov”. And who else? But so…”, he explained the processes surrounding the creation of a cabinet. And he added that some of the compromises that have to be made will not appeal to their voters.

According to Atanasov, the compilations of records are aimed at their electorate, on the one hand, and on the other – the aim is to influence the parts of GERB, which resist against supporting the PP-DB mandate.

“I cannot know whether the president is personally involved in this. But I am 100% sure, according to certain indications, that circles related to the president, official power, ministers with plans to rule for a long time are involved in this”, he emphasized.

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