Two laws and parliamentary control in the National Assembly today


The Parliament is debating the first reading of the Draft Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on e-Government. The change makes it possible to serve slips, acts and criminal judgments electronically through the secure electronic service system. At the moment, a number of institutions require certificates despite the possibility to receive the necessary information through official means due to excessive legal requirements for the provision of a certificate by the applicant.

Changes in the first reading will also be made to the Labor Code. It is planned to create an electronic register of employment, maintained by the National Revenue Agency, in which all data from the employment book are entered as a single electronic labor record of employees. The question of the data of persons who are not employed at the given time has not yet been settled. The NRA does not support the bill and gives detailed reasons why the register should not be maintained by the NRA, but by the Employment Agency. It is noted that the draft law does not regulate the employment of persons regulated by special laws – for the defense, the Ministry of the Interior, the judiciary and others.

The “Vazrazhdane” party does not support the draft law due to the possibility of losing data on work experience and difficulty in the retirement of citizens. The BSP states that the cases of the unemployed are not settled in the bill.

In the parliamentary control, which should start at 11:00, the participation of nine ministers is foreseen.

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