The “Denkov” draft cabinet replaces six of the ministers in its first composition – Important today

The “Denkov” draft cabinet replaces six of the ministers in its first composition – Important today
The “Denkov” draft cabinet replaces six of the ministers in its first composition – Important today

Six people from the initial composition of the project cabinet of Academician Nikolay Denkov will be replaced due to the new agreement between GERB and PP-DB for rotational management with the second mandate.

One of the changes is in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will be taken over by Maria Gabriel as deputy prime minister and as possible prime minister after Denkov’s 9-month first term. Her position at the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was initially assigned to Irena Dimitrovaformer deputy minister of Teodora Genchovska in the former “Petkov” cabinet.

However, this will not be the only change, according to information from “Boulevard Bulgaria”.

New names will be proposed for the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Ministry of Tourism.

Earlier today, Nikolay Denkov commented that GERB asked to include more of their ministers in the new cabinet – apart from Maria Gabriel – but PP-DB will not deviate from their rules not to include their party cadres. All changes will need to be approved by both parties.

It was initially raised in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrey Yankulov – former prosecutor with experience as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Justice, who is part of the Anti-Corruption Fund. The organization is behind some of the biggest investigations into corruption schemes in the judiciary – such as the Eight Dwarfs.

“Dnevnik” quotes Yankulov, who says that neither he gave a final confirmation, nor did the parties confirm their readiness to nominate him as a minister.

He was initially promoted to the head of the Ministry of Economy Julian Voinov – financier and economist, who in the past was the “treasurer” of the DSB. He is currently a director in KEVR.

The nomination of Hristo Daskalov for Minister of Agriculture – he was the chairman of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency during the term of Kiril Petkov, when the government began to regain control over the phytosanitary laboratory of “Captain Andreevo”.

Outside the future composition of the cabinet will also be Ivan Krastev, nominated a month ago for Minister of Labor. Krastev (BSP activist) was declared unacceptable by Boyko Borisov after his photos from the Russophile “Immortal Regiment” procession of several years ago appeared.

Gergana Kabaivanovawho was proposed as Minister of Tourism, will also not be present in the new cabinet composition.

Who were the other nominees for ministers in the first version of the “Denkov” cabinet

  • Julian Popov – Minister of the Environment and Water, former acting minister;
  • Georgi Gvozdeikov – Minister of Transport, until recently head of the structure for medical emergency assistance;
  • Radoslav Rybarski – Minister of Energy
  • Daniel Laurer – Minister of Innovation
  • Andrey Tsekov – Minister of Regional Development
  • Milen Mateev – Minister of Justice
  • Prof. Genka Petrova – Minister of Education and Science
  • Prof. Hristo Khinkov – Minister of Health, former director of the National Center for Public Health and Analysis
  • Alexander Yolovsky – Minister of e-Government, was the deputy of Bozhidar Bojanov in 2022.
  • Prof. Todor Tagarev – Defense Minister
  • Dimitar Iliev – Minister of Youth and Sports
  • Yana Genova – Minister of Culture, graduate of “Cultural Studies”, member of the board of an international association of translation centers

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