The compromising documents against PP will not affect Borisov


Impurity. Thus, Boyko Borisov defined the kompromats prepared according to the PP against them by their and former ITN MP Radostin Vassilev. At the same time, these documents do not shake the desire of the GERB leader for a common management formula with the PP/DB coalition.

“If a person doesn’t have a phone these days, we’ve become a nation of records. They recorded me in toilets, bedrooms, whatever, and then you all went into a frenzy to comment on it. In a state of law, an unregulated entry is not commented on. Point,” Borisov was outraged in his regular morning briefing before the start of the plenary session of the parliament.

“I have no information on the subject,” snapped the party leader. And he agreed with the opinion expressed by Kiril Petkov at Thursday’s impromptu late briefing – the purpose of the event is to thwart the formation of a government.

Atanasov: They are attacking the creation of a regular cabinet from everywhere

The deputy from PP/DB is not surprised by the scandal surrounding the recordings

However – Kiril Petkov should be careful with his accusations against the services, Borisov thinks. “I don’t know what Kiril Petkov knows. In his place, I wouldn’t comment, because this is impure, unregulated, illegal. Instead of talking about the budget, about the reforms, we talk about how someone recorded. Offices are a very general concept and Mr. Petkov should know this. Is it the BOP, is it the police, is it the gendarmerie, is it the border police, is it DANS, is it military intelligence, is it civilian intelligence? Are there regulated activities ordered by the court? These are serious accusations and cannot to be put under one denominator,” criticized Petkov Borisov’s approach in response to a question from

The compromising materials with “ingots and lockers” were a similar installation, and that’s why they stopped talking about it, the GERB leader noticed. “The goal was to smear me, to collapse the state. And you all see for two years what is happening.”

Borisov initially refused to comment on the interrogations conducted yesterday by two prosecutors’ offices, because he promised not to reveal details to those interrogating him. However, to our question, he revealed an interesting detail from his dialogue with the prosecutors: “I don’t know how PP and DB, if there are elections, how they will talk about judicial reform. Because in the second interrogation, they asked me why we requested the resignation (of Geshev) and I I asked Maria Gabriel. And I just asked – did they question Rumen Radev, did they question Asen Vassilev, did they question Kiril Petkov, did they question Nadezhda Yordanova, did they question Krum Zarkov, did they question Atanas Atanasov, Hristo Ivanov – did they question them ? No. So the judicial reform depends only on GERB.”

The Prosecutor’s Office: Borisov has been summoned for questioning by law

Borisov’s interrogation was not according to “old signals”

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