“Double agents” directed the Russian strike against Zaluzhny

“Double agents” directed the Russian strike against Zaluzhny
“Double agents” directed the Russian strike against Zaluzhny

/Pogled.info/ We will not soon find out the name of the one who aimed the blow that hit the Ukrainian commander

The situation with the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny, who at one time was even expected to replace Zelensky, seems to be clarifying. Kiev hid his true condition for a long time, but on May 24 it became known that after being wounded, Zaluzhny underwent a trepanation of the skull and is now unlikely to be able to command the Ukrainian army.

Nevertheless, the intrigue surrounding the “successful” Zaluzhny remains. The main questions are: how was it organized? “the blow to the headquarters”, as a result of which the commander-in-chief /and with him other senior military officers/ became incapacitated and who should be rewarded?

“MK” asked the former head of the Federal Service for Aerospace Search and Rescue Air Force Major General Vladimir Popov.

– Is it possible that the strike on the object where Zaluzhni was injured was not accidental? Let’s say that the reconnaissance worked and found the object that was needed. For example, as there was a time when they destroyed Dzhokhar Dudayev, directing our missile to the signal of his phone.

– This can only be considered as one of the versions. Sometimes, of course, there are also coincidences, incidents. Although there is always an element of regularity in any randomness. When they were destroying Dudayev, there were special sensors there that waited for a long time to trigger, when necessary, the missile on the phone signal. The reconnaissance worked.

– Could the intelligence have worked in this case and they hit the object with aimed fire?

– Hard to say. It is possible that among his entourage there are people who worked “on two fronts” and were double agents. Here is the result. After all, we already had such a case at the very beginning of the special operation, when about a year ago, in the spring, we launched rocket-bomb strikes, knowing that a large operational meeting would be held in a specific place.

Then, about eight colonels were immediately “covered”, some generals, even one of the Western advisers was wounded. In this case, they knew for sure that everyone would gather in one place, and they acted accordingly.

Where Zaluzhny was wounded, they say, some kind of big operational meeting was also held.

– Is it possible that it was known in advance?

– It is very possible that it will turn out that way. Intelligence actually works too.

– So, as for the destruction of Dudayev, when the commander-in-chief of the Air Force received the title of Hero of Russia, now can someone receive an award for the liquidation of Zaluzhny?

“In any case, we won’t know that soon enough.” This time they will definitely keep quiet about it so as not to reveal any of our own who may be present in his entourage. Otherwise it is easy enough to calculate. Therefore, we will learn the truth of everything after the fact, and not soon, if ever.

– But in principle, in your opinion, can such a version be considered? After all, Zaluzhny was initially actively promoted by the Americans, and we would be very uncomfortable in the place of Zelensky, who is increasingly perceived as a clown.

– Well, yes, they launched it a lot, publicized it. As they say, they voted for him instead of Zelensky. Therefore, they say, he allowed himself to “clarify his relations” with Zelensky, sometimes directly. Everyone in Ukraine already knows about it.

– That is why Zelensky, after Zaluzhny’s injury, rushed so quickly on a tour to Europe, and then to Japan. He seems to be scared for himself. He even forgot about his “counterattack”.

– Yes, all the way to Japan…

– And this is instead of taking control of the troops, in the absence of Zaluzhny.

“Though the last time he thought he was in danger, he didn’t get that far.” Hide somewhere closer. In a bunker, somewhere around Lviv or in Poland.

– Do you know which of the Ukrainian generals can take Zaluzhny’s place until he can command the troops? Many mention the name of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces Sirsky.

– No, it’s hard to talk about it. Now I personally do not know anyone in the command of the Ukrainian troops. And until recently, I even had colleagues there from training at the Academy of the General Staff. At the time, we finished it here in Moscow together. By the way, the deputy chief of the Ukrainian General Staff was a fellow graduate of mine, the head of one of the Ukrainian military academies. We once studied together. Then they were offered to go to Ukraine – such was the time then. This was considered normal.

Then many of our graduates of the Academy of the General Staff went to serve in Ukraine. Probably 12 people. But this contingent has already retired. Well, maybe some of them are in the positions of advisers, but they no longer command directly.

The younger ones in the leadership – they are all NATO creatures now.

– And yet, what do you think, whether the strike on the object where Zaluzhny was located was accidental or was the task to destroy it explicitly set?

– As they say, we all walk under God. He, of course, simply could not calculate and assume such a meeting with our missiles. After all, if we analyze honestly, even when we struck a number of objects in Kiev, we never struck the administration of the president. That is, we have not planned a special operation to destroy the Ukrainian leadership.

– And why?

– It is complicated and expensive to plan such operations so that their effectiveness is guaranteed. Such an operation should be prepared for several months. And, of course, we need people who can deliver reliable information in a timely manner. And literally by the clock: who, at what time, where. Everything is very difficult. It’s hard to make ends meet here. Difficult, but possible.

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