Protest in front of the AG complex after the death of Ivelina

Protest in front of the AG complex after the death of Ivelina
Protest in front of the AG complex after the death of Ivelina

It is humiliating, it is disgusting, that this life was forcibly taken away, said the organizer of the protest, Elitsa Dimitrova

Protest because of the death of the 29-year-old childbirth took place this morning in front of the AG-complex at Kanev Hospital in ruse.

Ivelina Marinova died hours after giving birth to her second child. According to relatives, the staff did not pay attention to her complaints that she was not feeling well, and this led to the fatal outcome.

Ivelina was supposed to give birth naturally, but due to complications, a C-section was necessary. In chats with her family, she complained that she was in a lot of pain, and no one paid attention to her. “I’ve already woken up and I’m screaming – it hurts a lot, it hurts a lot, and she’s screaming – we got it, girl, shut up already, you’re going to lose your uterus“, he wrote in one of the messages.

The medical conclusion of death was pulmonary embolism. “They still haven’t given me the autopsy report. I said, how did you decide this thing since I don’t have the autopsy file“said husband Martin Simeonov, Ruse Media reported.

Family and friends of the young woman gathered outside the hospital this morning to mark the protest.

We are all very shaken and wondering if we should be worried about our children. Is such a thing possible, we have no words to express the sorrow“, shared Antoaneta Atanasova, a colleague of childbirthso.

A lot of people are outraged, it’s heartbreaking, it’s disgusting, to force this life to be taken and these children to grow up without a mother and this young boy of 25 to be a widower. Because someone was asleep“said the organizer of protestand Elitsa Dimitrova, who is close to the family.

The relatives sought answers from the management of the medical facility and the director Ivan Ivanov. “We have evidence that your female employees are sleeping at times when childbirthshe is in terrible pain, and your employee is snoring right now“, said affected father-in-law Georgi Simeonov.

The director of the hospital explained that an internal investigation into the case is currently underway. “An expert review by the medical audit is expected, to which all documentation will be presented. We don’t want to hide anything, the relatives wanted the body released, we wanted an autopsy. I’m a parent too and want to know what’s going onIvanov said.

The results are expected to be out within 20 days. The young woman’s funeral will be tomorrow.

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