We must all fix the future together

We must all fix the future together
We must all fix the future together

We all miss the future. We miss believing in tomorrow. We want to believe in tomorrow, but because of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, our addiction and surveillance capitalism, we no longer believe in the future. So five years ago I wrote a book called How to Fix the Future. Because the future can always be fixed. We humans specialize in two ways: the first is to break the future, but then we always have a second or third chance to fix things, and we usually succeed.

Of course, the future can’t really be fixed because it’s not a patient. Then again, maybe it’s just a patient in the sense that humans are going to die eventually, no matter what the Silicon Valley futurists tell you. So even if we fix the future, we will create new problems.

Five years ago, I proposed five solutions to this crisis. There is no magic cure for it. There is no app to fix the future. You will meet many entrepreneurs who will tell you “oh yes, we have this app that will fix everything”. This is how Elon Musk defines his company X, which already owns Twitter. I don’t think there’s anyone, not even himself, who believes that.

Technology cannot fix the future, but it can enrich it. Technology is not a bad thing. The problem is ours, the people. We are the ones who have to solve it because we are the ones who need something. The greatest fear, the greatest dystopia in technology is precisely the fact that we humans are losing control. The ability to write our own stories. This has always been the promise of every revolution. Marx promised workers the opportunity to write their own history. That didn’t happen. The fathers of Silicon Valley promised the same with their digital solutions.

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