Is it worth buying a property in Bansko? | PZdnes

Is it worth buying a property in Bansko? | PZdnes
Is it worth buying a property in Bansko? | PZdnes

Interest in the most famous and modern ski resort in our country, Bansko, has been growing in recent years. Especially for foreign investors who are looking for houses and apartments in Bansko, because of the more favorable prices. In addition, Bansko offers quite good conditions not only during the winter season, but also during the rest of the year, which is another prerequisite for the increased interest. Over the years, this town has become one of the best ski resorts not only in our country, but also in the Balkans, offering excellent nature, lots of entertainment and delicious food and attracting thousands of tourists annually.

But is it worth buying a property in Bansko? Let’s see:

Affordable selling price

When it comes to whether or not it is worth buying a property in a certain city, one cannot help but pay special attention to the price. It is one of the main and most important factors. The average selling price per square meter in Bansko is around 800 euros, and most houses are also sold with a yard, which is not a bad offer at all. The other thing that is very important to know is that there are currently a large number of fully furnished properties available. This, on the one hand, gives you the opportunity to choose carefully, and on the other hand, to negotiate the final price, due to the high competition and the continuous construction of new buildings in the city.

Year-round possibility to rent the property

As we said at the beginning, apart from the strong winter season, Bansko is also an attractive place during the rest of the year. In the summer, various festivals and events are held there (the most famous of which is Jazz Fest Bansko), which attract many tourists. In addition, the great nature, the search for coolness in the mountains, the incredible nature and delicious food are prerequisites for Bansko to always be full of people. In short, if you decide to buy property in Banskowhich you rent out, you must be sure that, except in winter, it will be rented out with the same success during the rest of the time, and even permanently.

Good rental income

The rental price, regardless of whether it is an apartment or a house, depends on whether the property will be rented for a short period of time or long-term. Depending on the amenities available to your property, its size and its location, you can quite easily rent it in the range of 400 to 600-700 BGN for a long-term rental. When it comes to short-term rent, the price can also vary from about BGN 100 to BGN 200 per night. In two words, you can get good income if you decide to buy a property in Bansko, which you then rent out.

As a conclusion, we will add that the purchase of a property in Bansko is definitely worth it, because of the affordable sale price and the possibility to rent your property year-round for a fairly good amount. Even if your purchase goals are not investment, such an acquisition is still worthwhile. If you are a fan of winter sports or love the mountains and fresh air, you will always have a place to stay without worrying about anything.

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