The regional governor: Urgently create an Ordinance on wild camping

The regional governor: Urgently create an Ordinance on wild camping
The regional governor: Urgently create an Ordinance on wild camping

Maria Neykova

“I think it is good to think about the Ordinance on Wild Camping, because a large part of the territory of the Burgas Region has become wild camping, which is now unacceptable and is out of bounds.”

This was stated by the regional governor of Burgas, Maria Neikova, during a hearing in the parliamentary Commission on Tourism.

According to her, a change is also needed in the Law on the organization of the Black Sea coast, in particular for the dunes, and the term “dunes” should be specified, which, according to Neikova, in its current form, is not effective and creates problems. According to her, the inclusion of the dunes in the cadastre should also be considered.

Neikova pointed out that often the regional governor engages in unusual tasks that are not regulated by law.

For example – at the moment we do not have the financial means to ensure the rescue activities, said Neykova. By the time the finances arrive and we announce the procedures, the season is almost over, she added.

At the beginning of May, in an interview for BTA, Deputy Minister of Tourism Irena Georgieva noted that “Summer 2023” will be the next one in which “wild” camping will not be regulated.

Since 2015, attempts have been made to create a departmental regulation, working groups have been assembled, but they have not reached a consensus decision, the deputy minister reminded.

She noted that according to Art. 10 a, para. 3 of the Law on the Organization of the Black Sea Coast, the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, together with the Ministers of Agriculture, the Environment and Tourism, must prepare an Ordinance on the conditions and order of places for the temporary deployment of tents, campers or caravans, which can be separated in zone “A” and in zone “B” outside the territory of sea beaches, sand dunes and categorized campsites.

In 2020, the text of such an ordinance was created, many proposals were received during the public consultations, a new working group was created and now we are at the final stage, said Irena Georgieva.

The Ministry of Tourism has given its opinion on the launch of the ordinance after summarizing all the received proposals and it will be submitted for consideration to the Council of Ministers.

According to the deputy minister, the regulation foresees more places for “wild” camping and they will be able to be quickly determined, including on private grounds, and this will be done under minimally difficult conditions, but in compliance with the relevant hygienic and sanitary requirements.

Maria Neykova summarized that the Burgas region is ready for the tourist season, reminding that for the first year an agreement was concluded to provide medical assistance on its territory for the summer season, so that tourists can be calm. She added that every year about 300 employees of the Ministry of the Interior are engaged in the summer.

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