There is talk of a new bubble. I don’t envy people who invest in startups

There is talk of a new bubble. I don’t envy people who invest in startups
There is talk of a new bubble. I don’t envy people who invest in startups
Data from Germany speaks of a recession, but markets are looking ahead. They don’t get excited about old data, and that data is effectively old to the market. He looks at what will happen three months to three years ahead. Although we are technically in a recession, there is still no reason to believe that it will deepen. Oddly enough, there is optimism in overseas markets at the moment. And when there is optimism in the US, it is also transferred to Europe. We are like hopped vessels. This is what Lyubomir Lekov, investor and entrepreneur, founder of, said in the program “The World is Business” on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria with host Ivaylo Lakov.

“This recession is rather mild – the opposite of a severe recession. Sometimes these things give optimism. There are still processes going on – for example, in the US, technological development brings optimism”.

The guest commented on the predictions that Lekov made two months ago that the bear market is behind us: “I am even surprised by the optimism in the market. The market has shot up. Many companies in the technology sector have a great growth because of the euphoria. There is even talk of new bubble”.

“During the gold rush, it wasn’t those who mined gold who won, it was those who sold the shovels. Nvidia is the monopoly on selling the ‘AI shovels’. Their graphics cards are the best they can be. These cards are many times more expensive than one processor, and all these centers need tens of thousands of such cards to calculate the processes that enter past the artificial intelligence. That is, a huge amount of these “shovels” are needed”.

Surely the next “big thing” that will happen is related to artificial intelligence, the interlocutor agreed. “Yes. Artificial intelligence has been talked about for a long time, but only now has it managed to make a big breakthrough. Another one is expected – in the so-called robot taxis. Cars to drive themselves. This will be the other big breakthrough”.

“I really don’t envy people who invest in startups because everything has turned upside down. A lot of companies that were very promising can get into trouble. Because their product can end up lagging behind.”

Regarding the geopolitical risks and the possibility of China taking acts of aggression against Taiwan, the guest said that much will depend on the outcome of the war in Ukraine, because if the Ukrainians succeed in repelling the Russian attack, China will rethink the way it intends to act towards Taiwan.

Lyubomir Lekov commented on the latest political decision to form a cabinet in Bulgaria, saying that many people look at the new political project emotionally.

“I look pragmatically. For me, as a person who lives in this country, two things are important – to enter the Eurozone in order to better integrate into the European structures and to invalidate the scenario that has already become clear – the idea is first let’s not enter the Eurozone, and then let’s leave the European Union”.

“Entering the Eurozone is more important from a political point of view. Second, entering Schengen. The goal is again more active integration with Europe. I like the list of priorities of this government… Such a government can get us into Schengen. The other formula for previtelstvo that was talked about before – GERB, DPS, “There is such a people” – would not be able to do this. This option is better. And new early elections would lead to the same result. So, in this management may have some ray of light”.

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