Is there a connection between the attack on Geshev and the murder of Kuro? – Criminal

Is there a connection between the attack on Geshev and the murder of Kuro? – Criminal
Is there a connection between the attack on Geshev and the murder of Kuro? – Criminal

At this stage, there is no connection between the attack on Ivan Geshev, the threats against magistrates and the murder of Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro. The former director of CSBOP Tihomir Stoychev and lawyer Ludmil Rangelov united around this in “This morning”.

“At this stage I do not see such a connection and I think such a version is exaggerated. I don’t know why the prosecutor’s office chose this way to circulate some SRS. Are they legitimate or are they arbitrarily done. Today, anyone can eavesdrop,” Stoychev said.

“Such a connection is made because of two coincidences. First, information emerged about some wiretapped conversations, with one of the participants allegedly being Kuro. The other is the timing of his murder. This gave rise to speculation that there was some connection between the attempted assassination of the Attorney General and Curro’s murder. At this stage, there is no reason to make such a connection, despite the two coincidences,” commented Rangelov, adding that, in his opinion, it affected other interests.

“The environment in which Krasimir Kamenov has chosen to live in recent years, hiding from Bulgarian justice, is very peculiar. In South Africa there is xenophobia and a high level of unemployment. The appearance of any foreigner who apparently has funds may be affected the interests of certain circles at the lower levels,” admitted Tihomir Stoychev.

“On the other hand, these are individuals who have risen in the hierarchy of Bulgarian and international organized crime over the years. Maybe someone’s interests are affected there as well,” he added.

“Apparently, it was done with great impudence, but also with a great deal of professionalism,” Stoychev is of the opinion.

According to him, the question of how this specific contingent is monitored while in our country and how monitoring continues when they flee abroad is very important.

“If there is a country where our law enforcement agencies are known to have the least influence, it is South Africa. It was not for nothing that Krasimir Kamenov chose to live there. I do not expect any development and result regarding the guarantors and the perpetrators,” Lyudmil Rangelov said for his part.

According to him, the level of crime in South Africa is very high, but usually it is not so skilled.

“Apparently this person has affected someone’s interests. We don’t know what his business is there,” added Rangelov.

The two also commented on Kiril Petkov’s statement that members of “We continue the change” were wiretapped.

“If the services do not eavesdrop on the politicians, we will continue to enjoy such criminal cases. We have over 150 unsolved murders. These investigations have been tainted, documents have disappeared and no one is interested in working on them. Disclosure of cases is not encouraged. Organized crime emerged as a process and phenomenon reinforced by political interests. Now every criminal case will be used by the politicians”, declared Tihomir Stoychev.

According to lawyer Ludmil Rangelov, there is a reason for the services to self-report because of Petkov’s words. According to him, the public is very receptive to recordings from which conclusions can easily be drawn that were not present in the actual conversation.

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