A property worth hundreds of thousands of levs of the artist Ivan Laskin in Passarel became an eel for his heirs

A property worth hundreds of thousands of levs of the artist Ivan Laskin in Passarel became an eel for his heirs
A property worth hundreds of thousands of levs of the artist Ivan Laskin in Passarel became an eel for his heirs
A property worth hundreds of thousands of levs belonging to the artist Ivan Laskin in Passarel has been transformed into an eel farm – the numerous heirs cannot come to grips with its sale.

The picturesque village of Pasarel is located about 30 kilometers from Sofia and has always been a magnet for fans of the village way of life, nature and fresh air. However, few people know that Ivan Laskin, one of the most beloved Bulgarian artists, spent his childhood there, writes “Weekend”.

Long before his family relocated to Bankya and the series “Vasco da Gama from the village of Rupcha” launched him into the starry horizon of the acting profession, little Vancho ran in the lush meadows near the village and played football with the children of the neighborhood and with his younger ones brothers Evgeni and Svetoslav.

Locals say that the unpleasant boy of Bulgarian cinema and theater was a very gifted child. He did not whitewash, did not break windows and did not climb trees in order to pick unknown mulberries and cherries. His family was one of the wealthiest and most patronized by the communist rulers.

Thanks to the patronage of the local party secretary, he opened a tavern in his house in the center of Passarel.

The entertainment establishment was the only place where revelers drank brandy and famous in the years of the “cloud” – mint with mastic.

Laskin’s father was a barrister, but he undoubtedly had an interest in spirits and his father-in-law’s tavern business. In the family’s yard there was also a cauldron for the production of homemade glitter – something typical for the Bulgarian village during the times of socialism. In the male line, the whole family drank within the moderate limit for a Bulgarian – a little, but constantly – every night.

Three months after Laskin’s death in Passarel, relatives of the artist were sought, who could also describe one of the beloved stars of Bulgarian cinema. An elderly man greets a publication team at the start of the village. With a cane, he points the way to Laskin’s house, specifying that for a long time it is not a building, but a ruin. He advised us to be careful in case someone decided to enter the yard, as there were quite a few snakes and lizards.

No one cleaned the place or trimmed trees, and the reptiles were just waiting for that – to find a house to inhabit.

It turns out that Laskin’s great-grandmother is his aunt.

Grandpa with a cane gives directions to find Grandma Latina, who is the living history of the settlement and whom everyone calls Tina. The 85-year-old woman knew everything, as she was a neighbor of the family. Her mother-in-law and Ivan’s grandmother were first friends in their youth. Then their life paths diverged…

“The family has plots of land in the village. They also have fields, but everything is empty, and this costs a lot of money, which flows out of their hands unconditionally. We wonder how they don’t look for it. Land here is expensive, just like in Sofia, and possibly millions will be split in case Ivan’s grandfather’s numerous clans get together and decide to sell, only they don’t take up any activities. They might as well not be in Bulgaria. They broke up. They haven’t been to the village in years. Ivan and his brothers fished as children. They had bicycles and walked on the ponds, but that had been quite a long time. Then it was heard that Ivan was in a movie, that he was a child star. Before that, we didn’t know it, he didn’t we paid attention. He was a child like all children. What he did as an adult I don’t know. He may have been drinking, but

everyone is drinking here, hahaha. Drink as much as you can. “He who has no option doesn’t drink,” the old man laughs and gives instructions that the jankas in Laskini’s yard have blossomed, but at this moment there is no one to pick them when they are ready for jibri.

Covering his mouth with his hand, he lifted his cane and repeated Grandma Tina’s address – lest anyone get confused on the winding asphalt of the only main street. Her house is just across the street from Laskin’s estate. The old lady’s yard is guarded by the dog Puffy, who only dares to jump over the nylon fence in Vasco da Gama’s yard to chase away sparrows and butterflies. He wags his tail and greets everyone hospitably, until his owner struggles to get out of bed.

Neat grandmother Tina welcomes her guests with a smile and says that she loves to welcome people. Before she talks, however, she asks if we can guess how old she is. A few guesses follow, which definitely make her laugh. Finally he admits that he is 85 and the dialogue starts like water. ” The Laskini property is priceless. Its owners have long since passed away. They were

4 sisters, and Laskin has a share through his mother’s line, as she lived here. In the 1950s, his grandfather was a teacher at the main school and this is where he met his grandmother and they got married. He was once an active remsist and on this line he was transferred to work in Bankya. He was the head of the Administrative Procedure Code in Bankya. His mother helped his father run a restaurant. On the site of the house in the past was the village tavern. It was there for a time, before September 9, 1944. Then it was nationalized and made into a grocery store. After that, it belonged to the Municipality for many years. After 1954-55 it became a health work. There was a doctor, an orthodontist and a pharmacy. Then, for a short time, it was taken over by the Council for the Construction Department at the City Hall. Well, there were all kinds of transfers. Finally, Gürgena, one of Ivan’s aunts, came to live with her husband. She is the youngest daughter of four sisters. Her husband Mitko went to live in the embassy in Italy and she traveled with him and from that moment the house fell silent. They maintained it for a while, only to successively abandon it. By 1990, when Mitko returned, he died in an accident near Passarel and thus started the ruin of

the plot. No one entered it. It started to collapse, its roof tiles were falling out and the town hall decided to demolish it. They cleaned it the year before, took the trash out of it, only it’s overgrown with grass again. Everyone throws litter in the yard. They had published an advertisement for the sale of the property, but the heirs did not understand something, “says grandmother Tina.

However, she is not aware of Laskini’s personal family history and has no idea why Ivan’s father abandoned his mother. “They said that Slavcho drank a lot, but who doesn’t? It’s just that some of them are known, others are not,” the old woman guarded him. It turned out that the Laskinis had left the village for a long time and moved to Sofia and Bankya. There is no trace of the two-story house of that time. The roof and walls have crumbled to stone due to indolence and quarrels in the family. No one cares about the home of grandfather Ivan, whose name was Ivan Laskin.

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