Ivo Ivanov: Putin’s regime will face difficulties and defeat at the front

Ivo Ivanov: Putin’s regime will face difficulties and defeat at the front
Ivo Ivanov: Putin’s regime will face difficulties and defeat at the front

Journalist Ivo Ivanov was a guest in the program “Our Day”, who commented on the latest news related to the war in Ukraine. He shared his perspective on the development of the conflict and expressed important observations about the circumstances on the ground.

Ivanov made a comment about the weather, which, in his opinion, does not play in Russia’s favor. He pointed out that at the last meeting at the military level, an official decision was made to train Ukrainian pilots for the F-16. This, according to the journalist, will lead to the creation of a modern Ukrainian aviation and will be “the final nail in the coffin of the Russian (aviation – note ed.)”.

In the show, Ivanov also commented on the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons by Russia. “If Russia was going to use tactical nuclear weapons, it would have done so by now,” he says.

According to him, the leader of Belarus, Lukashenko, is aware that “his fate is connected with the fate of the President of Russia, Putin, but he has the opportunity to avoid a heavier sentence, such as appearing in The Hague.”

Ivanov also mentioned the statements of Prigozhin, who thinks that Russia failed in the military operation and failed to show Nazi presence in Kiev.

“Ukraine won this war. She was born for the world and the world recognized her. After the defeat at the front, a new 1917 threatens us,” Ivanov quoted the statement.

The journalist expressed his opinion that Putin’s regime will face difficulties and defeat at the front, which is inevitable.

He also addressed the situation in the city of Bakhmut, which has turned into a protracted battle that has lasted for nine months. He noted that Bakhmut, which is a district town in size, has become the central battleground. Both countries refer to the city as a “meat grinder”. In the show, Ivanov also emphasized Prigozhin’s words – “losses for Russia are significant”.

According to him, in Ukrainian forces currently maintain control over the Samolet district – the last one remaining under the control of the Russian side in Bakhmut.

“To avoid defeat, Prigozhin announced that he was beginning to withdraw part of his troops for rotation. He said that within six months, units of the Russian army must be withdrawn, which have been there for months, but there is no one to replace them,” he says.

According to the journalist, it is clear that the Russian troops in Bakhmut are in a “trap that can snap at any time”. He pointed out that “this is part of the big game in which Ukraine plays on the nerves of the Russian defense”.

In conclusion, Ivanov expressed hope that the conflict will end by the end of the year.

Listen to the full conversation in the audio file.

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