Hristo Ivanov: The records are yellow, there must be a government

Hristo Ivanov: The records are yellow, there must be a government
Hristo Ivanov: The records are yellow, there must be a government

“I personally have not had such conversations and I cannot interpret these phrases. Obviously, the goal is to throw Bulgaria again into elections that will solve absolutely nothing. My call is not to give in to this jealousy that tries to created”.

This is how the co-chairman of the DB Hristo Ivanov commented on the briefing, at which Radostin Vassilev played a recording from the National World of “We continue the change”.

According to Vassilev, the audio shows how Kiril Petkov explains that they will wash Boyko Borisov, that the appointments in the services are synchronized with the embassies, that Ursula von der Leyen is ready to bypass the rules of the eurozone and that there will be a government, while Boyko Borisov is afraid of Ivan Geshev .

“We have a situation where the prosecutor’s office says it will attack the parliament because it is trying to limit the lack of control of the attorney general.” said Ivanov and added that, in his opinion, that’s why the immunities exist – to defend the people’s representatives.

“We have discussed the EP’s practice of lifting immunities, so that there is an opportunity to make a judgment when it is a question of exercising the powers of the prosecution in view of the political conjuncture with racketeering attacks or it is a question of well-founded requests”commented Ivanov.

And as for whether there are consultations with embassies about a cabinet, he stated that he personally did not have such conversations and could not interpret.

“We need a government. This decision is made with difficulty by all levels of all bodies. It is a question of very complex discussions. It is very easy to present them in any crazy way. All people with common sense understand that Bulgaria needs a government and we will continue to work for it”emphasized Hristo Ivanov.

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