The bars and lockers are the same assembly

The bars and lockers are the same assembly
The bars and lockers are the same assembly

“You saw how they stopped talking about bars and lockers. Why? Because it’s the same assembly”.

This was stated by the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov. This is how he commented on the recordings of conversations between the leaders of “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” announced today, which are expected to be released today by the MP Radostin Vasilev – Rudi.

The scandal has already gained notoriety as “Ruddygate”. By the “ingots and lockers” Borisov means the photos that appeared in the public space a few years ago. They showed him sleeping, and in the drawer next to him were gold bars.

“This is impurity. Unregulated, illegal. ‘Services’ is a very general term. These are serious charges.” Borisov also said, regarding the PP-DB’s accusations that the offices under the control of the president were behind Rudygate.

And he stated that this will not affect him especially in the negotiations to form a government with the second mandate.

“Maria Gabriel leads the negotiations. I do not participate. I am only washed by the people. Only this “Delonghi” (washing machine brand) I care what people vote for.” Borisov also said.

Thus, he commented on the claims that “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” are “washing” his image by entering into joint management with GERB.

“We have become a country of records, if all this is true. The goal is not to make a government. In any legal country, an unregulated record is not commented on. Period.” Borisov also said.

He made an analogy with the recordings made public a few years ago with a voice similar to his. According to him, their goal then was to “overthrow the legitimate government”.

“Absolutely the same scenario is now being applied to “Continuing the Change” and “Democratic Bulgaria”. This serves many different interests that do not want Bulgaria to stabilize.” Borisov thinks.

The candidate for Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said that “we see attempts from all kinds of countries to be able to block the government”.

“I think it’s clear that there are reasons for that,” he also said.

And he added that the division is big where Bulgaria will go in the coming years and the stake is high.

“I think that what Mr. Petkov said is clear enough. Let’s see what Mr. Vassilev will say today. What we found out is that he personally boasted that he has institutions with him, such as and people from the criminal contingent who actually care about it.

We will try to go as calmly as possible through these obstacles. I think Ms. Gabriel also wants to have a final result, but it won’t be easy.” Denkov also commented.

Asked if he thought that what was presented would affect the authority of their parliamentary group, Denkov said that he had always followed the principle of “do what you have to, let what you want happen”.

“Whether it will have an impact or not depends on how people will hear and read what is being delivered,” he added.

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