The cruelty continues: Russian attack on a hospital in Dnipro (VIDEO)


A Russian missile attack destroyed a hospital in Dnipro. One person died and 15 people were injured.

“Russian terrorists once again confirm their status as fighters against everything humane and honest.” This is how the President of Ukraine commented on what happened.

A rescue operation is underway at the site.

“We must defeat these non-humans irrevocably and as quickly as possible. Because our time is our people. And our people are the most precious thing we have,” Zelensky said.

We remind you that on January 14, a Russian missile strike destroyed part of a residential block in Dnipro. 44 people died then, including five children.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has refused to include diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in the list of diseases that are grounds for…

MORE: Grandfather of a baby who died in Dnipro: I will curse you until the end of my days (VIDEO)

We remind you that in March 2023, Russia launched a missile strike against a maternity hospital in Mariupol.

MORE: A pregnant woman injured in the attack on the maternity hospital in Mariupol died along with her unborn child

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