“Vazrazhdane” file a report against Petkov and Vassilev for treason – Bulgaria

“Vazrazhdane” file a report against Petkov and Vassilev for treason – Bulgaria
“Vazrazhdane” file a report against Petkov and Vassilev for treason – Bulgaria

“Vazrazhdane” will file a report against Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev for treason. The reason is the alleged synchronization of the appointments of service chiefs with the embassy, ​​which Kostadin Kostadinov points out as the American one.

“From Vazrazhdane, we have prepared a report signed by our entire parliamentary group, which will be sent to the chief prosecutor. In the report, we want the persons mentioned in Radostin Vassilev’s press conference to be investigated, the authenticity of the recording to be established and these persons to be charges filed”said Kostadinov.

“What does it mean that the services are ours?”: Radostin Vassilev released a recording from the National Council of the PP

“All this shows that Bulgaria is a conquered country. The most unpleasant thing in the whole story is that these foreign agents accuse us of “Revival”. The thief says hold the thief. As we are now effectively running out of the last current US project, the PP-DB, we may be looking at the creation of another US project.” Kostadinov also said.

The institutions of the Judiciary must be set in motion so that the needful can be done immediately so that this ongoing crime – there is such a term in law – can finally stop.Kostadinov pointed out.

Radostin Vasilev: Apparently Petkov is worried about some recordings, no one has made such

According to the leader of “Vazrazhdane”, the recording released by Vasilev contains information about a crime committed against the republic under Chapter One of the Criminal Code.

From “Vazrazhdane” they want a hearing of the heads of the services, they believe that a coup d’état is underway.

Earlier today, Radostin Vassilev presented to the media an online recording of the National Council of “We continue the change”. On the recording, Kiril Petkov explains that they will “launder” Boyko Borisov and this is part of the agreement. That the government is synchronizing with the embassies, that EC President Ursula von der Leyen has said she circumvented the rules for the eurozone. Also, that as long as Boyko is afraid of Geshev, there will be a government.

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