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The new head coach of CSKA 1948 Atanas Rybarski commented on the situation in the club and shared what he wants to change in the team’s game. The coach gave a press conference before the match with Ludogorets in the efbet League.

“The first against the third in the ranking, a difficult match is expected in view of the past match for the Cup. We think that we will be able to raise the mood and look in a different way and show the maximum of the possibilities”, shared the coach of the “Reds”.

“A new first-team coach, yes, but I think I’ve been at the club enough time. I know the footballers well. Everything cannot be clear to me, but the most important thing is already. This was not the maximum of the players’ capabilities,” he added.


“There is no permanent mentor, every coach is fired sooner or later. Maybe the situation is not easy, but now to go make dramas and tragedies – it makes no sense. We have to focus on the next game and find the right solutions. We believe in the capabilities of the players,” commented Rybarski.

“The results are not optimal, now I can’t talk about the form of the players, there are data that we will rely on. There are three matches to go, the goal is the bronze medals. In view of the state of the team, the most important thing at such a moment is time, and we don’t have it. Who knows what radical changes will not be made”

When asked about personnel problems in the team, Atanas Ribarski answered: “We have problems with several people. At this stage, they cannot take part in the training process. Otherwise, it is normal for the physical condition of the players to not be optimal after so many matches and at the end of the season. We also played in the Cup, we also played with Levski on a pitch that was difficult. All this gives a reflection, which we cannot fail to note, but it is not an excuse”

“Let’s reduce the mistakes in the ball game and increase the intensity of the defensive actions a little bit. I hope we see the real face and not what we saw the other day. There is nothing to lie about, the situation is like this at the moment, there are three games left, and the goals are high. A mentor could hardly be found in that short time. I think I know the situation at the club quite well, and that may have tipped the scales to choose me. Tough opponents are ahead, I don’t want to justify myself with anything,” the coach of CSKA 1948 also shared.


“I think the last one year the club has taken a line to create competition from players who are probably the best in the efbet League. We will continue to follow this line, I don’t think we can comment on specific positions anymore, because there are many unknowns”

Atanas Rybarski also commented on the performance of the second team of CSKA 1948, which is the leader in the Second League.

“I am proud of the results in the second team. Congratulations to the boys in the second team. We know each other quite well. I am not a slave to whether we will be first or third. More important is the style of play and the behavior of the players. I hope things are okay in the Second League as well. All the guys below are potential first team players. The first place in the Second League is not so important, but the imposition of guys like Emil Tsenov is more important. I’m sure everyone can get involved in the first team. Towards the end of the season there is a lot of fatigue”

“I want to abstract myself from things off the field. We want to get back the smiles from the victories as quickly as possible, and I do not want to comment on such presumptions. I am sure that whatever we need to do, we are the club that does only and only on the pitch in those 90 minutes where points are given and goals are scored. I’m glad to be in just such a club. And the other teams should follow our example,” concluded Rybarski.

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