The price reduction of grain goods on world exchanges continues, experts report

The price reduction of grain goods on world exchanges continues, experts report
The price reduction of grain goods on world exchanges continues, experts report

The decrease in the prices of the main grain goods on the world stock markets continues this week, the experts of the Sofia Commodity Exchange report.

In the USA, the FOB price of bread wheat fell by one dollar to 251 dollars a ton, that in France fell by 6 euros to 229 euros/ton. This week, Ukraine is selling wheat $7 cheaper at $250 a ton, and Russia is selling $13 less at $247 a ton.

The movement in corn is more controversial – in the US, the depreciation stopped and the price rose by 12 dollars to 264 dollars per ton. In France, corn became cheaper by 0.55 euros to 218.75 euros/ton, in Russia the trade was unchanged at the level of 250 dollars per ton.

The price of barley in Russia lost 4 dollars to the level of 240 dollars/ton, and in France it became cheaper by 8 euros to 212 euros/ton. Rapeseed on the Euronext exchange rose by 3.50 euros to 407 euros/ton.

The price of unrefined sunflower oil on the exchange in Rotterdam for another week returns down with a drop of another 60 dollars, and is already quoted at 860 dollars per ton.

Refined sugar for August delivery, whose price had only been creeping up, reversed the downward trend this week by minus $9.60, reaching $697 a tonne on the London Stock Exchange.

On the Sofia Stock Exchange, the week passed with low activity and trade remained sluggish as a direct consequence of the ongoing political crisis and lack of government and stability, experts report. After the deals from April for bread wheat at BGN 370/ton and corn at BGN 380/ton, now the quotations are one-sided. The high “selling” price of bread wheat remained at BGN 730/ton, feed wheat purchase announcements are at BGN 380/ton. Maize is available in the range of BGN 440-460/ton. All prices are without VAT. The SSB continues to offer white flour at starting prices of BGN 890/ton and white refined sugar at BGN 1,940/ton, as well as oil in bottles at BGN 2.30/l

This week was spent on the SSB, as usual, under the sign of energy carriers: there were deals for A95H gasoline in the range of 1,983.33 – 2,110 BGN/thousand liters, for A100H gasoline at BGN 2,383.33/thousand liters, for B6 diesel fuel from 1925.00 to 2253.11 BGN/thousand liters, and for propane butane gas at a price of 775 – 959.83 BGN/thousand liters. Gas oil for PKK was also sold at between BGN 2,048.12 and BGN 2,086.11/thousand and natural gas for BGN 1,537.44/thousand. norm. cubic m

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