The sea swallowed Dr. Daniela Yordanova and her mother, Judge Moskova

The sea swallowed Dr. Daniela Yordanova and her mother, Judge Moskova
The sea swallowed Dr. Daniela Yordanova and her mother, Judge Moskova

Dr. Daniela Yordanova is a beloved veterinarian, she tried with her mother to leave the first dangerous place in the flood near her office

05 September 2023Tuesday, 10:15 p.m.

Author: Radostina GEORGIEVA photos and video: Katya KASABOVA

Both are missing, around 9 p.m. the waves threw a man onto the promenade in Vasiliko quarter, the inspection will be tomorrow, there are dozens of reports of missing people

The flood took the beloved veterinarian Dr. Daniela Yordanova into the sea today at noon. As reported earlier today, she is the daughter of the president of the District Court in Tsarevo, Maria Moskova.

The daughter and the mother were in the small Nissan Juke, which was swept away by the tidal wave in the gully along the alley in Vasiliko district. Both women remain missing.

The facts about 10pm that night are these: at 6pm the body of one of them was washed out of the sea – very close to the shore, watched for about 10 minutes as the still incoming water dragged it back in. From a distance of 150-200 meters it was impossible to determine which of the two women it was.

Today at 6 p.m., published a report from the ravine behind the Lidl store and showed the “Caesar” veterinary office, whose building is in close proximity to the water coming from the high sea in the direction of the sea. The doctor’s Nissan was parked nearby.

The family house is seen in the video – diagonally – opposite the office. The two women managed to get into the Nissan and seek salvation, but for inexplicable reasons they drove down to the Vasiliko quarter, where the torrent took the car directly into the sea.

A man was thrown from the waves on the promenade in Vasiliko quarter at 9 p.m. An inspection cannot be conducted in the dark. It will be carried out tomorrow. Can’t tell whose body it is. The crisis headquarters in the municipality of Tsarevo has been bombarded with dozens of reports about people who are missing and it is not possible to determine which of them are real and which have been filed in a panic attack.

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