Farmers begin blocking roads and border crossings today at 10 a.m.

Farmers begin blocking roads and border crossings today at 10 a.m.
Farmers begin blocking roads and border crossings today at 10 a.m.

The road blockades that the farmers announced yesterday start at 10.

In Southwestern Bulgaria the points from which the protests start are the following:

Kyustendil (Yablekovo village motel), Radomir (T MARKET), Zemen – Lobosh, Kovachevtsi-Lobush, Sapareva Banya (airport), Dupnitsa – Piperevo village, Pernik (Boris Guderov sports hall), Breznik (Angel Street Kocelyanov”), Blagoevgrad-polygon, Elin Pelin- Grigoreska fountain;
– Southern Bulgaria: Kresna, Dragoman – KGP Kalotina.

– Southeast Bulgaria:

Petolatchka, Aheloy roundabout, Burgas-Varna road, Varna-Burgas road
(after the highway, the turnoff for Avren, Pchelnik-D Chiflik, Chudnite skali), the Sliven-Yambol cloverleaf;

– Central Southern Bulgaria:

the village of Trud (the wheel to the village of Stroevo, on the wide place next to the Opticom base), Stara Zagora (district Kolyo Ganchev, Lukoil airport), clover on the road I-5 (Stara Zagora-Haskovo) and I-8 (Gr. Parvomai) – international road 8 /Plovdiv-Haskovo/ in its part on both sides of the bridge over the river Mechka), “Saraya” complex, junction Kaloyanovo village – Dulgo pole village, Orta Khan, in the western part of the city of Plovdiv-Pazardzhishko road , on the roundabout of Tsalapitsa village – Stamboliyski town;

– Northeast Bulgaria:

Kardam, Durankulak, Balchik roundabout, Karapelit, Tutrakan, Razgrad, Shumen (petrol gas station), Silistra;
– Central Northern Bulgaria: the cloverleaf of the village of Yasen (on the Pleven-Ruse main road), the Danube bridge, the beginning of the Hemus highway (Varna-Sofia direction), Nikopol – the ferry, Sheremetya – to Veliko Tarnovo (on the Varna-Sofia main road) ,

– Northwest Bulgaria:

Byala Slatina, Vidin bridge, road (E79) between the village of Krapchene and Montana, Dolni Bogrov – Hanche Bogrov;
– Western Bulgaria – Sofia;

The initiative committee, composed of 24 organizations, formulates the following requests to the National Assembly, the Council of Ministers and the President of the Republic of Bulgaria:

1. Continuation of the ban on the import of sunflower, wheat, corn and rapeseed from Ukraine and the introduction of a ban on the import of unrefined oil, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, milk and milk products, meat and meat products, live animals, honey and bee products products from Ukraine, as well as increasing the control of the origin, quality and safety of the import of agricultural products into the country.

2. Payment to agricultural producers by 30.09.2023 of the full amount of compensations for increased production costs as a result of the war in Ukraine and dropping the aid ceiling.

3. Immediate payment of state aid to compensate farmers with 100% failed areas.

4. Provision of the necessary funds for the re-notification of existing state aid and for new state aid, including de minimis minimum aid for producers of grapes, potatoes, raspberries, greenhouse produce and tobacco and for animal breeders and producers of bee honey.

5. Easing the conditions for the interventions under the CAP Strategic Plan with a view to proving the output produced under the interventions for production-related support.

The initiative committee insists on written clear commitments with specific deadlines for the fulfillment of requests. Effective protest actions continue until all demands of the agricultural sector are met.

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