Danilov: Kadyrov’s death will have serious consequences for Russia

Danilov: Kadyrov’s death will have serious consequences for Russia
Danilov: Kadyrov’s death will have serious consequences for Russia

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov predicted that the death of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov will weaken one of the factions in the Kremlin, Unian reported.

“It is known that Kadyrov has health problems. There is an assumption that he was poisoned, and repeatedly, which led to certain kidney problems.” he noted.

Regarding the video of Kadyrov walking in the rain, he commented that he was not convinced that it was recorded yesterday, as claimed.

“This may be an old video that has nothing to do with the present moment. That Kadyrov was targeted – and taken by Russians – is because of the factional struggle in the Kremlin. Given the influence he had and still has continues to have on the trials in Russia, he found himself in this situation. We will see what happens to his health. I would not rush, because a person can be in a coma for a week, and a month, and two, and half a year. There are known cases where people have been in a coma for a year or even more.” Danilov pointed out.

However, Kadyrov’s probable death will have quite serious consequences for Russia. According to Danilov, it will lead to the weakening of one of the opposing factions in the Kremlin.

“These are the so-called towers of the Kremlin – they are constantly clarifying their relations. One of the groups will be weakened. As for the Caucasus – processes may begin there, showing that power in Russia is generally very fragile. Prigozhin’s campaign proved to the whole world that when they say they are powerful like never before, keep in mind that now the situation in Russia is very fragile. And not only in terms of the presence or absence of Kadyrov. That is why Russia is so irritated and now I will change the strategy: now they will scare the world with nuclear weapons. They will now do everything to make the world afraid.” – summed up Oleksiy Danilov.

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