What options and prices do the Huawei Watch GT 4 41mm and 46mm have


In the last few days, you must have heard about the new smart watches from the Huawei Watch GT 4 series. They are being talked about everywhere, and Digital.bg is one of the first Bulgarian media that started to introduce you closely to the 41 and 46 mm model versions.

What we have shown so far in the Huawei Watch GT 4 review

In the first part of the review, which we published hours after the world premiere of the Huawei Watch GT 4 in Barcelona, ​​we showed you two unboxing videos.

Each of them was dedicated to one of the two varieties of the model. As they, apart from their size, also differ in their purpose.

Because the 41 mm Huawei Watch GT 4 has a typical women’s design, and the watch with a 46 mm case is more unisex.



Because these days there are quite a few ladies who like more massive wristwatches.



What’s more, the 46mm version comes in as many as 4 varieties and is sure to appeal to a wide range of users.



In the mentioned first review, we showed you many more interesting things about the two models’ varieties, designs and sizes.



But not to rehash everything shown so far, in case you missed reading the review, click on the picture below and it will open in a new window.



Now that we’ve looked at the watch’s impressive design, which is part of Huawei’s new “Fashion Forward” strategy, it’s time to move on to the rest of our review.

Varieties, colors and materials used

As it has already become clear, there are 2 watches in the Huawei Watch GT 4 series, the 41 mm one of which has 3 varieties, and the larger one with a 46 mm case has as many as 4. In addition to having a different design, all these variants also use different materials or at least the same material has been treated differently. Thanks to this, in reality, you have completely different watches in front of you. Especially with the men’s version, where a significant difference is also observed in the layout of the boxes.

Huawei Watch GT 4 46mm – Black sports model with fluoroelastomer strap

We’ll start with the black version, which is overtly sporty and more aggressive. It has a black anti-allergenic fluoroelastomer strap. Its main case body is made of graphite gray stainless steel, and the bezel is static, colored black.

Huawei Watch GT 4 46mm – Green strap made of recycled materials

We will conditionally call the second option green. Its case and bezel are made of silver steel. Like the inner circle of the bezel, it is spectacularly colored in green. Unlike the black model, which does not have one, a second time zone is available here. It’s day and night. A spectacular solution that is inspired by GMT and combines green and white colors in the inner frame. In this color version of watch GT 4, the strap is no less interesting. It is not only beautiful because it combines two materials. Interesting also thanks to the nature of the materials from which it is made. These are 70% ocean recycled nylon with 30% recycled polyester from plastic bottles. In this way, Huawei clearly proves that they think “green” and care for the environment. Fortunately, they show their concern in this way, and not like some other companies, removing the charger from the package of their smart devices.

Huawei Watch GT 4 46mm – Classic model with a leather strap

The third variety of Huawei’s 46mm men’s watch is primarily intended to be worn in combination with elegant and sporty-elegant clothing. Main credit for this goes to the material from which the strap is made. It is a high-quality natural leather, with a special treatment that has a water-repellent coating. Here, the case is again made of silver steel, and the inner part of the bezel is now finished in black.

Huawei Watch GT 4 46mm – Metal model with chain

A common design element in the three variants of the Huawei Watch GT 4 listed is the shape of the case where the straps of the strap engage. We make this emphasis because in the last fourth version, the grip is different. This is necessary for two reasons – functional and purely design, because here we no longer have a strap, but a metal chain. Yes, the watch is made entirely of metal. So the cash now flows directly to the chain. In this version, the clasp is also different. If in the other 3 variants, it has a classic buckle, then here you are already observing a “butterfly” type mechanism. All this is done by Huawei with the aim of strength and reliability. This is also the most expensive of the four variants of the 46 mm Huawei Watch GT 4 – about BGN 750. With the other three options listed, the average price is about BGN 200 lower.

Huawei Watch GT 4 41mm – Metal model with chain

The women’s version of the Huawei Watch GT 4, which has a 41mm case, also has a metal chain version that locks in the same way with a butterfly clasp. However, given that the watch is not as heavy and massive as the mentioned 46mm all-metal model, there is no need for additional reinforcement in the patents. This version of the Huawei Watch GT 4 is called the Silver Edition, but nevertheless, in addition to silver, it also has gold elements. It is they who create a very luxurious feeling.

We can certainly call this bold decision by Huawei a good one. The watch looks great live. These thin gold overlays between the links of the chain perfectly complete the look of the watch. A curious fact shared with us by Huawei is that this strap is handmade. When creating it, it goes through a process of a total of 17 procedures that require precision and attention to detail. This is also the reason why the “Silver Edition” is the most expensive of all women’s versions of the women’s Huawei Watch GT 4 – about BGN 800.

Huawei Watch GT 4 41mm – Classic model with a leather strap

The most affordable of the three women’s versions of the Watch GT 4 is the one with a genuine leather strap. It costs about 500 BGN. The white leather strap perfectly matches the golden case of the watch, which is made of stainless medical steel.

Huawei Watch GT 4 41mm – Elegant gold chain

The Huawei Watch GT 4 41mm is available in another all-metal variant, but this one replaces the rough chain with a fine and elegant metal mesh. As the clasp is now with a fastening buckle, and the nuts have been replaced by an ambient magnetic grip. Here, the watch is completely gold colored and this gives it an extra dose of luxurious elegance. It is a pleasant surprise that this version of the Huawei Watch GT 4 41mm costs around BGN 600.

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