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“The French flu vaccine saved my life. I have been vaccinated with it for 4 years and since then I have not been in hospital every winter”. This was shared by a 70-year-old woman from the Varna village of Asparuhovo to our reporter. Grandma Lily has been suffering from diabetes for years and until recently every winter the flu wave did not pass her by, on the contrary she was subscribed to the hospitals.

“The doctors were barely reviving me, each time it was worse and worse. For months after that, I didn’t have the strength to walk, all my pension went to medicine,” the woman continued. In the late winter of 2018, a young specialist at MBAL Varna explained to her that the flu hit her so hard because of her diabetes. He even told her she was lucky she didn’t end up in the intensive care unit. Diabetics are 4 times more likely to get worse and be transferred there than other flu patients in the hospital.

He advised her to get a flu shot every fall because it was the only thing that could protect her from a severe course of the infection.

“Long live the doctor. I listened to him, and every fall since then, Jeep has been giving me the French flu shot. The state gives it free to pensioners. The flu no longer scares me, I treat it like a mild cold, but I have not been hospitalized. All pensioners should put it on!”, grandmother Lily continues to order.

The French VaxigripTetra vaccine

In the last 5 years, more than 1 million doses of the French vaccine VaxigripTetra have been delivered to the Bulgarian market. This is the vaccine that has been administered since the start of the National Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Program for people aged 65 and over.

It provides effective protection against influenza and its complications, and its composition corresponds to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

VaxigripTetra is a prescription medicine for people over 6 months of age. Read the leaflet before use.

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