Second-hand goods must also have price tags and be safe, says We the Consumers platform

Second-hand goods must also have price tags and be safe, says We the Consumers platform
Second-hand goods must also have price tags and be safe, says We the Consumers platform

Traders who offer second-hand goods must also comply with all requirements of current legislation related to price marking, terms of sale, product composition and safety, reports the platform “We, the users”.

Regarding the information about the growth in the demand for second-hand clothes, Gabriela Rumenova, the founder of the platform commented: “There should be information about the composition of the clothes, blankets, bedding and the like. It should be taken into account that some people are allergic and certain fibers should not be present at all in the materials they use”. Clothing must have a textile label with a description of the percentage content of each of the fibers inserted into the product. “It is from the manufacturer and the dealer cannot remove, change or replace it,” emphasizes the expert.

Rumenova explains that regardless of the fact that the garment is second-hand, the trader is obliged to announce the price in advance on a label, as well as to provide information about the manufacturer and the importer. The reason is that they are also responsible for the quality and safety of these goods to consumers and to control authorities. She emphasized that the requirements of the law when conducting discount campaigns also apply to products that are not new.

“In order to announce a reduction, the old price must have been applied for at least one month. If every week there is a delivery at a given site, at the end of this weekly period, the merchant cannot announce a reduction without breaking the law,” said Rumenova.

The Commission for Consumer Protection is responsible for marking the prices of second-hand goods and the fibers inserted in their composition, and for safety from the point of view of the composition – the Ministry of Health, the platform informs.

Rumenova recommends that people do not compromise by taking risks with products that exceed the permissible content of chemical elements and compounds such as chromium, nickel, lead, etc., which may be contained in zippers, buttons, appliqués, etc. According to her, goods with a clear manufacturer and importer are safer because they can be verified and it is known who is responsible for their compliance with regulations, directives and safety standards.

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