Slavi Trifonov supported Vanya Grigorova for the runoff in Sofia

Slavi Trifonov supported Vanya Grigorova for the runoff in Sofia
Slavi Trifonov supported Vanya Grigorova for the runoff in Sofia

The leader of “There is such a people” Slavi Trifonov made a comment about the past local vote and confirmed from the first person that he will vote for the candidate of the left in Sofia, Vanya Grigorova. He also explained his arguments for his party to support her – in the case of a PP championship in the Metropolitan Municipal Council, the mayor should not be from the same formation.

“I do not and will never support the current leadership of Continuing the Change. And I will tell you why. Because they are shameless liars. Because they think of themselves as more than the rest. They think of themselves as special and God’s chosen. They think that everything is allowed to them. And all of us, the rest, think of us as a second category of people,” wrote Trifonov in his profile on the social network.

“They have definitely forgotten themselves. They were called charlatans for no reason, and as I said when I removed them from power last time – they should not touch power for anything in the world! That’s what I think,” he added.

He did not directly call on ITN voters to vote for Vanya Grigorova in the capital, although it was already clear that his party gave her its support. But he reveals what he himself thinks and what he will do in the runoff.

“Specifically, in Sofia, my choice for mayor is Vanya Grigorova. Since PP has a large representation in the municipal council, the mayor, for nothing in the world, should not be from PP again – in order to have mutual control”, Slavi Trifonov believes.

What awaits us is a series of battles to establish a normal and dignified life in our beautiful homeland. And we will conduct them, because this may be a path full of difficulties, but the goal justifies the means”, commented Trifonov and added that he is convinced that all the people who voted for ITN have enough self-awareness and a sense of responsibility to to know who to vote for.

Trifonov is satisfied with the ITN result of the local vote.

“Contrary to the expectations of some political parties, the results of Ima such a people from the local elections are logically good. And they will logically get even better. I use this opportunity to thank everyone who voted, to all those who voted for There is such a people and to all the participants from the structures of There is such a people”, the ITN leader addresses his sympathizers.

“Bulgaria – this is you. Every city, every small town, every village, every hamlet – this is you. And I believe that wisdom will win,” concludes Slavi Trifonov in his address before the runoff.

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