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CSKA won their visit to the last Eter Veliko Tarnovo with 1:0 in a postponed match of the third round in the efbet League and generated three more points in their asset, which tied them with the leader in the ranking Cherno More, with both teams having 32. Varna still occupy the top spot due to their better performance against Nestor El Maestro’s men.

Otherwise, Ivailo’s only goal came after the start of the second half, when Marcelino Carreaso was the smartest after a mix-up in the penalty area of ​​the “boylars” and brought the three points for the “reds”. After an hour of play, Amos Yuga was sent off with a straight red card, and in the course of the meeting, the “boylars'” goals were canceled twice due to ambushes.

The hosts had strong claims for the second goal disallowed by Ivaylo Dimitrov in stoppage time, but in the end, after VAR’s intervention, it was reviewed. In general, however, the “reds” were once again not convincing enough in terms of play, as it happens in a consecutive match of the matches in our country.

“Violets” started the match much more actively and in the opening minutes tried to worry the “red” defense, but Gustavo Busato did not have to make an important save. In the third minute of the match, the fans of the “boyars” lit a lot of torches, which forced Ivelin Zanev to briefly stop the match until the thick smoke that had spread over the field cleared.

After six minutes of play, the ball was centered in the penalty area of ​​CSKA to the captain of Etar – Georgi Angelov. He heads in and Bussato boxes the ball wide. A strong diagonal shot at the Brazilian’s goal followed, but it was inaccurate. In the eighth, Shahredin Bukholda was found after an excellent pass from the left by Krum Stoyanov. The offensive footballer of Eter shot a dangerous header, but unfortunately for him the ball went past the right side post of Busato.

In the 18th, Martin Toshev was brought out excellently behind the CSKA defense and advanced with a ball at his feet. He raced past Hristiyan Petrov and slotted the ball past Busato to score, but the goal was eventually disallowed due to an offside by the former Sofia striker.

After a little more than 30 minutes of play, Mathias Phaeton took control of Eter’s field after a cross from a corner and sent a direct shot at Velichkov’s goal, but it was extremely inaccurate. In the 37th minute, within a few seconds, Gustavo Busato prevented two shots on goal. Kolyo Stanev received the ball after a ricochet and delivered a very strong shot, which the Brazilian guard of CSKA blocked with one hand. Martin Moran’s close range header followed, but once again Busato made a superb save. In the subsequent attack, Martin Toshev was brought out by Georgi Angelov and shot from the movement with his right foot, but Busato stood in one place and blocked the attacker’s attempt with his foot.


Four before the end of the first half, Matias Phaeton ran down the left and placed a pass on the ground to Dukens Nazon or Michael Estrada. However, an Eter defender cleared forward, where captain Amos Juga controlled and shot hard, but over Velichkov’s crossbar. At the end of the half, after a flurry in front of Martin Velichkov’s goal, Jonathan Lindseth finally shot through a pile of players, but the Norwegian’s shot was weak to trouble the Etter guard. Moments later, Yuga drifted to the right and passed a defender to Lindseth. The Norwegian made a shot after a dive, but it was not accurate.

At the break, Nestor El Maestro made two adjustments to his line-up, removing Turitsov and Nazon from the game, and replacing them with Emmanuel Shakic and Tobias Heinz.

In the 49th minute of the match, CSKA opened the score in the match. Mathias Phaeton stole the ball to the left of the captain Angelov and fired a shot at the Eter goal. Velichkov parried with his body but missed and the ball went to Heinz, whose shot was blocked. However, Marcelino Carreaso navigated optimally in this situation and found the result in Veliko Tarnovo.

In the 56th, Krum Stoyanov from Eter sent a solid shot towards the capital’s goal, but Busato caught it. After an hour of play, Amos Yuga fouled Krum Stoyanov after a cynical challenge, who easily passed several CSKA defenders. Initially, the referee Ivelin Zanev pointed to the penalty for Eter and showed a yellow card to Yuga, but after the intervention of the VAR, he found that the offense of the CSKA midfielder was outside the penalty area, but it was such that a clear goal opportunity was stopped without trying to play the ball and the “reds” remained with 10 men.

In the 66th minute of the match, Emmanuel Shakic threw a touch in the penalty area of ​​Eter for Michael Estrada. An Eter defender stood on his back, but the CSKA striker turned and shot very hard from a small angle, but sent the ball inaccurately past Velichkov’s goal. Four after that, Nikolay Yankov got behind Carreaso at a corner and sent a header that was accurate, but also right into the reach of Busato, who caught it.

A quarter of an hour before the end of regular time, Tobias Heinz was presented with some serious space and the Norwegian fired a left-footed shot to challenge Martin Velichkov into making a save. In the added time of the meeting, Eter scored another goal in the meeting, as Krum Stoyanov combined with Nikolay Yankov, who launched a parallel pass for another reserve – Ivaylo Dimitrov. The pass was excellent for Kossama, who finished with one touch, but the referee team is examining the situation in detail for a possible ambush by Yankov in the build-up of the attack. In the end, the goal was disallowed by the referee team and CSKA took the win on their visit to the old capital city.


0:1 Marcelino Carreaso (49)


Referee: Ivelin Zanev (Ruse)

Stadium: “Ivaylo” (Veliko Tarnovo)

Ether: 22. Martin Velichkov, 15. Georgi Angelov – K, 7. Kolyo Stanev, 25. Krum Stoyanov, 26. Mariyan Ivanov, 4. Georgi Alexandrov, 8. Martin Moran, 6. Plamen Dimov, 24. Shahredin Bukholda, 29. Yanko Angelov, 9. Martin Toshev

Reservations: 1. Angel Martynov, 2. Valeri Hristov, 70. Dimo ​​Bakalov, 11. Ilker Budinov, 14. Ivaylo Dimitrov, 33. Luis Cordova, 10. Lovre Knezhevich, 77. Martin Nikolov, 28. Nikolay Yankov

Coach: Svetoslav Petrov

CSKA: 1. Gustavo Busato, 15. Thibaut Vion, 19. Ivan Turitsov, 13. Brian Cordoba, 6. Hristiyan Petrov, 26. Marcelino Carreasso, 11. Mathias Phaeton, 7. Jonathan Lindseth, 21. Amos Yuga – K, 9. Duquesne Nazon, 29. Michael Estrada

Reservations: 25. Dimitar Evtimov, 4. Meno Koch, 22. Enes Makhmutovich, 20. Asen Donchev, 17. Emmanuel Shakic, 14. Tobias Heinz, 8. Stanislav Shopov, 30. Danilo Asprilya, 28. Brian Alvarez

Coach: Nestor El Maestro

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