Who is the smart man who startled thousands of Bulgarians?

Who is the smart man who startled thousands of Bulgarians?
Who is the smart man who startled thousands of Bulgarians?

Nice work, but… Bulgarian. No matter how good an intention, when it doesn’t follow any rules, it’s just stupid and dangerous. This is exactly what happened an hour ago, when an alarm message startled thousands of Bulgarians.

The police washed their hands, reporting that the startling message in question “Attention, danger!”, accompanied by a piercing alarm lasting 30 seconds, was not coordinated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to them, it was released by one of the operators – bearing in mind that in GlasNews Vivacom customers called, it is logical to think that it was this mobile operator that released it. Is that correct? And if so, will he take responsibility?

In an official announcement from the telecom company, they stated that they were not warned about this and called on the authorities to take the necessary measures so as not to cause unrest in the population.

In a subsequent message from the Ministry of the Interior, they suddenly found that it was not the mobile operator that released the message, but the contractor involved in the implementation of the BG Alert system. Who is he?

And the authorities hastened to calm us down and urged us not to panic – it was not a real emergency, it was a system being developed jointly by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of e-Government. And it was a test of a test. And it was a technical error – it should not have been sent to all subscribers.

All in all… error after error causing thousands to panic. Otherwise, Vivacom also “reassured” us: We will continue to work with the institutions to implement the necessary notification system, insisting on better disclosure procedures.”


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