Vanya Grigorova said from whom she is waiting for support

Vanya Grigorova said from whom she is waiting for support
Vanya Grigorova said from whom she is waiting for support

Within a year, the Metropolitan Municipality has not given a single lev for new books in the community centers. There are a number of community centers with leaking roofs. We can expect no different when we are ruled by a finance minister for whom museum staff are mere dusters. When museum and library workers protest, they don’t block the life of the capital, they block cultural life. This is no longer mass-produced, the culture is becoming elitist.

This was stated by Vanya Grigorova to Bulgaria ON AIR. She drew attention to the fact that only 55% of the people who supported her in the first round on October 29 supported the BSP in the previous parliamentary elections, and the remaining 45% supported mainly right-wing parties.

“The messages, the direction and the goals that I set are recognized by quite a few Sofians. Can I, at the price of compromise, try to expand the fan? Absolutely not. Anyone who supports the manifesto with which we started is welcome. Voters are not serfs peasants and everyone can decide for themselves who to vote for on Sunday. I urge people to really vote. The silent majority cannot help but be subject to the decisions that will be made in the Capital Municipality. I am waiting for support from Sofians who are not serfs. We don’t talk to party headquarters,” explained Grigorova.

The candidate for mayor of Sofia hopes that the governing assembly will not feel stable in the Sofia municipality. According to her, the rulers do not respect the Constitution and the laws.

“How do you manage with 9 municipal councilors? You can also manage in a minority when you show what needs to be done and convince the citizens why it needs to be done. Let’s not devalue the role of the mayor. 9 municipal councilors and one mayor is enough power to show who is the assembly in SOS that works against the interests of Sofians. Then they will have to give explanations to the citizens”, stressed Grigorova.

She pointed out that tens of millions are given to clean Sofia, but apparently no effective control is applied and our capital is not getting cleaner. Grigorova believes that under certain circumstances, all contracts with private companies that do not do their job – for cleaning, landscaping, lighting, water supply and sewerage – can be canceled.

“Toplofikatsia-Sofia’s debt is about BGN 1.5 billion, the huge part of it is due to the increased share of natural gas. The company cannot recover without help from the state. The concessionaire will come to earn, which means a significant increase in the price of heating and hot water,” warns the guest.

The metropolitan mayor cannot stand aside when key national issues are being decided. At the moment, Sofia Municipality is the largest real estate agency, this is the behavior of a trader, Grigorova insisted.

Asked if she believes there are politicians at the Lukoil feeder, she replied that most likely there are.

“Lukoil” is a closed state within the state. But when it is more profitable for us as citizens to use this oil, we must use it,” said Grigorova.

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