Patients demanded an urgent ban on the export of insulin

Patients demanded an urgent ban on the export of insulin
Patients demanded an urgent ban on the export of insulin

The Chairman of the Health Commission in the National Assembly, Prof. Kostadin Angelov (GERB), called on the Minister of Health to urgently ban the export of life-saving drugs, including insulin. He expects the minister to report to the health committee on the measures taken as a matter of urgency.

Angelov’s letter is a quick reaction to another letter – from diabetic patients and their relatives regarding the lack of Fiasp and Tresiba insulins. “This fight for every drop of insulin cannot continue. We cannot in the 21st century be subjected to genocide because of lobbying, profits and re-exports. You cannot, because of the interests of a handful of companies, turn us into hostages. We are not just statistics. Behind every number is a human life,” the letter reads. There are about 40,000 type 1 diabetes patients in our country, and about 110,000 type 2 patients. “Without insulin there is no life. After 96 hours without insulin, severe, fatal and irreversible complications occur,” says Elitsa Sirakova, mother of 11 -year-old boy with diabetes.

Unlike Angelov’s reaction, the Ministry of Health remained silent on the issue. The two types of insulin are not on the export ban list maintained by the ministry, a Sega investigation found. There are currently 47 drugs in it. The re-export of ozempik is also not prohibited, for which there are also frequent reports of shortages due to its mass use for weight loss by people who are not diabetic.

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