LIVE: The crisis in Ukraine, 02.11. – North Korea is helping Russia with missiles


20 months have passed since the start of the war in Ukraine. During this period, things at the front gradually reached a state of equilibrium. In Donbas, the skirmish line settled in Donetsk Oblast after virtually all of Luhansk Oblast was captured by the Russian army, but a successful Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kharkiv Oblast has led to Ukrainian pressure in Luhansk Oblast as well, where the Russians have ceded some territory and are desperately defending key points along the important line Svatovo – Kremena. In the Kherson region, the Ukrainians have already liberated the city of Kherson, with Russian forces retreating east of the Dnieper, and now the important question is what will happen with the Ukrainian counter-offensive in Zaporozhye, and will the Ukrainian army reach Crimea, as well as break through Bakhmut to Luhansk area. The issue with the Zaporizhia NPP also remains open.

Russia received about 2,000 containers of shells (most likely 152 mm and 122 mm) from North Korea from September to the end of October. That means over 500,000 shells. Such an assessment is made by the monitoring group organized by a former Ukrainian officer who publishes analyzes on Twitter under the name Tatarigami.

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