For the 16th year, the Municipality of Yambol organizes the charity campaign “Lend a hand – save a life”


For the 16th year, the Municipality of Yambol organizes the charity campaign “Lend a hand – save a life”

02.11.2023 | Author: Press Center

The Municipality of Yambol organizes again the charity campaign “Lend a hand – save a life” in support of seriously ill Yambol children and youth who need urgent surgical or medical treatment.

Sixteen years in a row, the campaign has been raising funds, and now the distribution of Christmas cards with drawings to students from Yambol schools and children from preparatory groups in full-day kindergartens will be the main initiative.

For the preparation of the cards, the Municipality of Yambol announces the traditional competition for children’s drawing “Christmas”, which is part of the charity campaign “Lend a hand – save a life”. Only children from the city of Yambol aged five to eighth grade can participate in it.

Young artists must indicate their three names, the educational institution, the preparatory group or class in which they study, a contact phone number.

A jury of Yambol artists and representatives of the Yambol Municipality will evaluate the children’s works. Only drawings drawn specifically for the competition are allowed to be graded, not ready-made cards made in advance by the students.

The jury will determine the best in three age groups:

– first group – children from preparatory groups – 5-6 years old;

– second group – students from I grade to IV grade;

– third group – students from V to VIII class.

Starting this year, the first prize in the three age groups is BGN 100. The drawings ranked first will be printed as Christmas greeting cards of the mayor of Yambol municipality. They will be distributed for a charitable purpose and will cost 2 BGN to raise more funds for the treatment of those in need.

Ten nominated drawings will be printed on cards – two from the first age group, four each from the second and third age groups. By tradition, a drawing will be nominated to be printed on the advertising materials of the festival “Yambolsky Koledarski Buenek” – 2023.

The deadline for the submission of drawings is November 13, 2023, Monday /including/, at the address: 8600 Yambol, Osvobozhdenie square #1 – Bezisten KIC, for the children’s drawing competition “Christmas”.

Yambol municipality calls on people who are willing and able to support the treatment of sick children and young people all year round by donating money to the municipality’s bank account:

IBAN: BG13SOMB91308424420344


Donation code: 445 100, with explanation: For the charity campaign “Lend a hand – save a life”.

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