Storm Kieran brought devastation and death to Europe

Storm Kieran brought devastation and death to Europe
Storm Kieran brought devastation and death to Europe

Storm “Kieran” claimed the lives of at least ten people in Western Europe and caused transport problems, reported France Presse, quoted by BTA.

The storm closed ports and canceled flights.

Most of the deaths were caused by falling trees: three of the victims were in Italy, two in Belgium, one of whom was a 5-year-old child, two in France, one in central Madrid, one in Germany and one – in the Netherlands.

“Kieran” caused the stopping of some trains in Flanders, and in other parts of Belgium they moved at a reduced speed.

The storm also had a negative impact on maritime traffic, with the movement of ships temporarily suspended in Antwerp’s port area.

Brussels airport also had disruptions in its work. However, it continues to serve flights despite numerous cases of delays, notes AFP.

In France, about 1.2 million households were left without electricity.

In England, strong winds and torrential rain caused transport disruptions. Hundreds of schools were closed.

In Spain, the northwest region was hardest hit by the storm, with a code red declared in some areas of the autonomous region of Galicia.

The head of local government in the central Italian region of Tuscany, Eugenio Gianni, said two people died in the municipality of Montemurlo, about 25 kilometers northwest of Florence, where a river overflowed. A third person died in Rosignano on the Tuscan coast.

“We have never recorded so much rain in such a short period,” Gianni said on social media platform X, (formerly Twitter).

Rain and strong winds are forecast to move to southern Italy, the national civil protection service said.

A red code – the highest warning level – is in force in the north-east of the country, while lower levels – yellow and orange – are in force in the rest of the Apennines, including throughout Tuscany.

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