Life After Death: He Died, Came Back and Told What’s Beyond – Curious

Life After Death: He Died, Came Back and Told What’s Beyond – Curious
Life After Death: He Died, Came Back and Told What’s Beyond – Curious

Everyone is afraid of death, as so far no one has come back from the other world to tell what is there! No one – except Tina Hines, who dies in 27 minutes, but immediately after opening her eyes tells amazing things about life beyond.

Tina is a mother of four from Arizona who suddenly suffered a heart attack in her driveway in front of her husband Brian in February 2018. The man gives first aid to his wife, but Tina is blue and lifeless when the ambulance arrives. However, the paramedics did not give up and took Tina to the hospital, writes the Telegraph.

Doctors in the intensive care unit tried six times to bring the woman back to life with shocks from a defibrillator, but Tina spent 27 minutes without a heartbeat. Finally, their resuscitation efforts yield the desired result, and she unexpectedly opens her eyes.

While still intubated, Tina tells her loved ones that she wants a piece of paper and a pen. Her handwriting is hard to read, but the family managed to decipher the mysterious inscription: “It’s real!”.

Those close to her said that Tina answered their questions by nodding while her eyes were closed. Suddenly, her young daughter asked her if there was a heaven and she answered in the affirmative. Husband Brian explained that doctors had warned him that Tina would most likely never be able to speak. “But she kept talking, revealing everything about life after death,” Brian told the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Tina claims that she met Jesus Christ face to face, who welcomed her with open arms. She also describes the most vivid and beautiful yellow color and the feeling of peace that has taken over her.

Just four days after the heart attack, Tina was discharged from the hospital and no longer afraid of death. She is unwavering in her belief that something awaits us after this life, which is surely something better than the alternative of eternal nothingness.

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